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Six-channel high vacuum PECVD system



The six-channel high-vacuum PECVD system is a plasma chemical vapor deposition system composed of a plasma radio frequency power supply, a 1200-degree tube furnace, a molecular pump high vacuum, and a six-channel gas path. This PECVD system can be applie

Product introduction:
    KJ-T1200-S60-6ZH-PE is a plasma chemical vapor deposition system composed of plasma radio frequency power supply, 1200 degree tube furnace, molecular pump high vacuum, and six-channel gas path. This PECVD system can be applied to Nano material growth, graphene generation and thin film material preparation and other fields.

Technical Parameters:

product name Six-channel high vacuum PECVD system (CE certification)
Tube furnace part
Product number KJ-T1200-S60-6ZH-PE
Furnace tube size Φ60mmX1400mm
Furnace tube material Quartz tube
Heating zone 400mm
Operating temperature 1100°C
Maximum temperature 1200°C
Temperature control method K-type thermocouple
way to control 30 sections programmable temperature control
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control protection With over-temperature and burnout protection function
Heating rate 0-20ºC/min, recommended 10ºC/min
Heating element Molybdenum resistance wire
Operating Voltage AC 220V single-phase 50HZ (circuit voltage users can choose to customize)
heating power 3KW
Furnace material Alumina polycrystalline fiber
Flange joint Standard configuration is equipped with two stainless steel vacuum flanges, mechanical pressure gauge and stainless steel globe valve have been installed
Sealing system The furnace tube and flange are extruded and sealed with a silica gel O-ring, which is convenient to remove and can be removed repeatedly, and has good air tightness.
Optional Auxiliary cooling fan
                     Vacuum system part
name Vacuum system
The main parameters 1. Using high vacuum molecular pump set, the ultimate vacuum can reach 10-3pa
2. KF25 quick connection, stainless steel bellows, manual baffle valve and flange, vacuum pump connection;
3. Digital vacuum display, its measurement range is 5 ×10-5-1500mbar, high measurement accuracy
Pneumatic system part
name Six-way mass flow meter
The main parameters Six-channel precision mass flow meter: touch screen control, digital display, automatic control. Flow range Flow range:
1. MFC 1-MFC6: 0-1000sccm adjustable
2. A mixing tank
3.6 stainless steel needle valves installed on the left side of the gas supply system, can manually control 6 kinds of gases;
4. Inlet and outlet: 6 Inlet 1 out
flow control: manual rotary adjustment
connection mode: double ferrule connection
Plasma power supply part
name 500W plasma power supply
Power range 0-500W (continuously adjustable)
working frequency 13.56MHZ+0.005%
Operating mode Continuous output
RF output impedance interface N-type, female (50Ω)
Power stability ≤2W
Maximum reflected power 70W
Power protection settings DC over-current protection, power amplifier over-temperature protection, reflected power protection
Supply voltage/frequency Single-phase AC (187V-253V) 50-60HZ
cooling method Air-cooled
Overall size 88X483X550 MM
Total Weight 13.5KG
Certification ISO certification, CE certification
After-sales service One year warranty and lifetime warranty (consumables: high temperature sealing ring, furnace tube, heating element, etc. are not covered by the warranty)


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