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  • A brief discussion on the calcined alumina powder process of Kj heating furnaces

    Calcined alumina powder refers to the process of heating alumina powder at a certain temperature to change its physical and chemical properties. The process of


  • What is annealing? What is tempering? What is normalizing? What is quenching?

    These heat treatment methods have different effects and applicability on different materials and workpieces, and the appropriate heat treatment method needs to be selected according to the specific situation.


  • What are the four basic elements in the heat treatment process?

    The four basic elements in the heat treatment process are temperature, time, cooling rate and medium. These four elements interact to determine the effectiveness of the heat treatment process and the properties of the final material.


  • What is the difference between a tube resistance furnace and a box resistance furnace?

    Tube resistance furnaces and box-type resistance furnaces are common laboratory heat treatment equipment. They have their own characteristics and differ in their applications. Next, let’s take a look at the differences and advantages of these two types of


  • What are the uses of vacuum atmosphere furnaces?

    Our KJ company's high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace is a heat treatment process that can be applied to electronic components, new materials and powder materials under vacuum or atmosphere conditions.


  • Why is the rotary furnace so popular?

    Rotary furnace is a common smelting equipment, which is mainly used for smelting steel. It has become very popular in the steel industry since its use in industry began in the 1950s. So why are rotary kilns so popular?


  • How is a lift furnace designed?

    The lifting furnace is a piece of equipment mainly used for smelting metals, usually used to produce steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials. The design of a lifting furnace includes many aspects, including furnace structure, furnace type, combu


  • What are the uses of vacuum atmosphere furnaces?

    The vacuum atmosphere furnace is an important experimental equipment in lab research, which is widely used in research in the fields of materials science, elect


  • What is a biomass pyrolysis furnace?

    The KJ biomass pyrolysis tube furnace system is a common pyrolysis equipment, mainly used in the process of dry pyrolysis of biomass to prepare carbon and gas. The main component of the pyrolysis furnace is a heater composed of multiple metal tubes.


  • How much about ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace cost?

    The ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace is a multifunctional synthesis system suitable for the synthesis of various nanostructured oxides and coating processes for nanomaterials. The system consists of an ultrasonic atomization device, a 1200°C three-tempe



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