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​​​​​​​Lithium battery cathode material sintering equipment, bell type oxygen/air atmosphere furnace

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Lithium battery cathode material sintering equipment, bell type oxygen/air atmosphere furnace

User: China-Ningxia XX Material Technology Company

Uses: Suitable for roasting inorganic salt powder materials (such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium carbonate, manganese carbonate, barium carbonate), metal powder, etc. under oxidizing (such as air) or reducing atmosphere (such as nitrogen-hydrogen mixed gas) It is also suitable for oxidative treatment of catalyst carriers in the chemical industry.

1. The high-quality heating elements are evenly arranged around, and the temperature uniformity is good
2. Bottom loading is stable, and the material cart (with positioning and limit) can be moved freely. The operation of material entry and exit is very convenient.
3. The furnace body can be vacuumed and the atmosphere can be introduced, and the material can be heat treated in an inert atmosphere and an O2 atmosphere.
4. The pipelines of the gas supply system are evenly arranged, and the materials can be in contact with the gas evenly
5. The control system adopts a friendly and practical touch screen interface, which can display and monitor the running status of the equipment, call, edit and store the sintering process, and has the functions of dynamic display, historical data recording and exporting
6. Add a button-type temperature control meter to provide double insurance

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