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The customized atmosphere sintering furnace of a dental company in Singapore has been delivered

Time:2021-02-26 Click:59
     A Singapore dental company ordered an atmosphere sintering furnace from our Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd., and the equipment has been called dental sintering furnace, denture sintering furnace, and zirconia sintering furnace; the equipment model is KJ-A1400- 12L, according to relevant laws and regulations, both parties have signed a product purchase and sale contract on the basis of equality, voluntariness, and good faith. This sintering furnace can be used for the crystallization and sintering of zirconia dental crowns. This equipment has the following six advantages:
atmosphere sintering furnace
1. Large-capacity crucible can hold up to three layers of materials;
2. Independent research and development of touch screen control, easier and faster to operate;
3. The circular heating furnace structure design makes the temperature field more scientific and uniform;
4. Lifting structure of the loading platform, which is convenient for safe access to sintered products;
5. High-purity heating element and refractory fiber to keep zirconia crystal clear;
6. Predetermine multiple heating curves, automatic unattended work;
 In addition, the customization of the atmosphere sintering furnace is based on the technical parameters provided by the customer. If you need electric furnace equipment with different functions, you can provide related technical parameters, and we will design and customize according to your technical requirements. Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you to create a better future!


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