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A box-type heat treatment furnace customized by an Indonesian company has been delivered

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     The box-type heat treatment furnace has been sent to a company in Indonesia. The equipment is customized by the customer to provide relevant technical parameters. The equipment model is: KJ-M1200-1LZ. The purchase and sale contract of the box-type heat treatment furnace has been signed on the basis of mutual negotiation. . According to the content of the contract, the buyer pays within two days of signing the contract, and our Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace will ship the equipment within 10 days of payment. We will ship the equipment to the location designated by the customer, and the freight will be paid by us.
box-type heat treatment furnace
    After receiving the equipment, the customer will accept the equipment according to the technical parameters attached to the contract. Since the date of delivery, if it is not damaged by humans, we will guarantee to the customer that there will be quality problems within one year, and they can be repaired or replaced for free (except for consumable parts). The period is 12 months.

    In addition, this box-type heat treatment furnace is mainly suitable for coke ash (fast ash and slow ash), volatile content, total sulfur (Eschka method) determination of coal ash content, feed, food, coal, coking products, and chemical raw materials. Moisture analysis, sediment analysis, bonding (Roga) index and determination of trace elements can also be used for sintering, heating, and heat treatment in industrial production industries.

    The main advantages of this equipment are: uniform temperature distribution in the furnace, fast heating rate, high work efficiency, microcomputer PID controller, and easy operation.


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