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2023Huge discounts are coming, Kejia factory is clearing inventory - the big promotion is online!

  Good news! good news!
Hello, dear Kejia Furnace customers. Finally, the 2023 "Inventory Clearance, Big Promotion" event are coming. In order to repay the love given to us by new and old customers, our factory only offers some furnace models in stock for profit promotion, with short delivery time, novel styles, good performance, guaranteed quality and 24-hour after-sales service. The quantity of inventory promotion is limited, friends are welcome to come to consult and purchase!

The following are the equipment furnace models for the 2023 promotion (promotion is limited to those listed here):
1.Box furnace series:

Tube furnace series:
Dental furnace series:
The event time is limited and the opportunity is rare and fleeting. Please don’t hesitate to get your special clearance price, and quickly consult us to place an order!

Kejia Electric Furnace also provides professional heat treatment equipment, which can be customized according to customer needs.
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