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Mini Tube Furnace
  • Mini Tube Furnace
  • Mini Tube Furnace
  • Mini Tube Furnace
  • Mini Tube Furnace
  • Mini Tube Furnace



    KJ-T1200-S40K1 is a compact mini laboratory tube furnace with split structure, easy for you to put and take tubes. The top temperature is 1200℃ with a 30-segment programmable controller.

    Specific Introduction:
        The quartz tube with flanges and the vacuum pump, it can work both for vacuum and atmosphere conditions.

    Range of Application:
        This mini tube furnace is mainly used for sintering, coating, Nanotube study, soldering in both vacuum condition and atmosphere condition in laboratories and enterprises.

    • Compact structure.
    • Low power dissipation.
    • Accurate control.
    • Easy operation.
    • Stable performance

    • 1.Excellent dynamic sealing system can vacuum and ventilate the atmosphere. The furnace tube and the flange are extruded and sealed with a silicone O-ring, which is easy to remove and has strong sealing performance. It can be evacuated and filled with pr

    • 2.Temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃. The temperature control system adopts PID method and can set 30-stage temperature rising and cooling programs. The temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃.

    • 3.The furnace tube is made of high-purity quartz glass material, which has extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability and good electrical insulation.

    • 4. At the same time, we can customize different temperatures, styles and control methods specifically for customers. Welcome to inquire.

    Technical Parameters


    Model KJ-T1200-S25K1 KJ-T1200-S30K1 KJ-T1200-S40K1 KJ-T1200-S50K1
    Top Temperature 1200℃
    Working Temperature 1100℃
    Quartz Tube Diameter Φ25 Φ30 Φ40 φ50
    Heating zone length 200/300mm
    Insulation layers High-Purity Alumina Ceramic fiber
    Power Supply 110/220V 50/60HZ
    Heating Rate 0-20℃/min
    Control Accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature Sensor K-type Thermocouple
    Heating Element 0Cr27Al7Mo2 Resistance Wire
    Sealing Flanges
    Structure Split
    Accessories Gloves, Crucibles, Tongs, Crucible hook.
    Optional Vacuum pumps, Gas-mixing system with mass flowmeters or float flowmeters.

    mini tube furnace

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    Mini tube furnace use in university


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