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Kj Group wishes everyone a happy winter solstice!...

  On December 22, 2023, China ushered in the annual traditional cultural festival-Winter Solstice Festival. In order to create a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere, enhance the cohesion of the KJ Group team, and strengthen the team's motivation, KJ Group held a lively Winter Solstice Festival celebration.

That morning, our company conference room was bustling with activity. Everyone enthusiastically prepared the ingredients. Before the event began, the company leaders delivered a speech, thanking everyone for their hard work in the past year, and wishing everyone to feel the warmth of home and the happiness of reunion on this special day of the winter solstice.

Everyone first played several small games and prizes, which aroused the atmosphere of the entire venue. Everyone had a great time.
Afterwards, everyone started making dumplings. Some employees are good at rolling out the dough, and some are good at stuffing. Everyone collaborates with each other to complete beautiful dumplings one after another. During the process of making dumplings, employees also exchanged dumpling-making skills and experiences with each other, which enhanced mutual understanding and friendship. At noon, the dumplings were finally out of the pot. The fragrant dumplings make people salivate. Everyone sat together, tasting delicious dumplings, and sharing the joy and warmth of the winter solstice.


This winter solstice dumpling-making activity not only made employees feel the warmth of home and the happiness of reunion, but also enhanced the cohesion and sense of belonging among employees, making them cherish the strength and friendship of the team more.

Finally, our company leaders once again raised their glasses to express their gratitude and blessings to all employees, hoping that everyone will continue to work hard in the new year and contribute to the development of the company. At the same time, I also wish that everyone can enjoy more family warmth and happy time in the days to come.

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