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How much about ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace cost?

  The ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace is a multifunctional synthesis system suitable for the synthesis of various nanostructured oxides and coating processes for nanomaterials. The system consists of an ultrasonic atomization device, a 1200°C three-temperature zone tube furnace, a gas supply system, a vacuum system and a high-voltage static electricity collection device. The preparation of materials is divided into three steps: precursor atomization, heating and nanoparticle collection. This system is a very good synthesis system. So, how much does it cost to purchase an ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace? This is a question that many customers are concerned about, and this article will introduce it in detail.
ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace equipment
1. Controllable atomization amount: This device has two functions that can be freely switched, namely continuous atomization and conventional atomization, and the atomization amount can be controlled by adjusting the size of the gear.
2. Precise liquid input volume: The syringe pump can automatically deliver liquid according to the settings to ensure the accuracy of the flow rate.
3. Three-temperature zone structure: The equipment is also equipped with a three-temperature zone heating device, which can freely set different temperatures and process multiple materials at the same time to increase processing efficiency.
4. Equipped with digital thermostat: The equipment also has 30 built-in digital thermostats that can be programmed in sections to accurately control the heating rate, cooling rate and residence time.
5. Tiltable: In order to prevent the liquid from flowing back, the tube furnace is also equipped with a tiltable device.

ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace
The specific price of ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace equipment depends on the actual choice. Because different customers choose different equipment models, the manufacturing costs are also different, and there are many ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace manufacturers on the market, with business models, The technology and raw materials used are different, and the quality of the equipment may be good or bad. You must be very cautious when purchasing this type of large-volume equipment.

For the price of ultrasonic spray pyrolysis furnace equipment, you are welcome to consult for free at any time. You can enjoy factory price discounts. Professional business leaders will help you formulate a one-to-one purchase plan and provide free customized services to provide you with a one-stop solution. Kejia electric furnace is a self-produced and self-sold manufacturer, specializing in the production of various heat treatment equipment for many years. It has always guaranteed the equipment material, workmanship, equipment quality and more favorable prices.

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