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What is a biomass pyrolysis furnace?

  Biomass pyrolysis refers to the process of decomposing biomass (such as wood, straw, straw, waste, etc.) into a variety of products such as solids, liquids, and gases at high temperatures. Biomass pyrolysis can be divided into two methods: dry pyrolysis and wet pyrolysis.

Biomass pyrolysis is a sustainable technology because biomass, as a renewable resource, has less carbon emissions and is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels.

The KJ biomass pyrolysis tube furnace system is a common pyrolysis equipment, mainly used in the process of dry pyrolysis of biomass to prepare carbon and gas. The main component of the pyrolysis furnace is a heater composed of multiple metal tubes. After pretreatment, the biomass enters the metal tube through the entrance of the heater and is heated and decomposed in the tube to produce solid carbon and gas products, which are dusted and processed. Finally, it can be used as fuel or other uses.
biomass pyrolysis tube furnace  biomass pyrolysis furnace

The advantage of the biomass pyrolysis tube furnace is that it can efficiently utilize energy, and heat energy can be transferred forward along the metal tube, thereby improving the decomposition efficiency of biomass. In addition, the biomass pyrolysis tube furnace can also be adapted to a variety of biomass, including wood, straw, waste, etc., and has strong applicability. In addition, biomass pyrolysis tube furnaces are relatively simple, easy to operate and maintain, and have low costs.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of biomass pyrolysis tube furnaces, KJ Group needs to remind our customers that our biomass pyrolysis tube furnaces are divided into industrial types, large-capacity ones and experimental types, which are suitable for pilot mass production. The specifications are complete, and we can also professionally customize targeted solutions for you. Welcome Inquiry.  Thanks.

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