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  • 1200℃ PECVD System


    Continuous Temp:

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    product description:
         The PECVD system uses radio frequency to ionize the gas containing the atoms constituting the film to form a plasma locally, and the plasma is chemically active and easily reacts to deposit the desired film on the substrate.
    Product Usage:

         Wide temperature range; long sputtering area; adjustable tube; exquisite and compact, cost-effective, can achieve rapid temperature rise and fall, is an ideal choice for laboratory growth of thin film graphene, metal thin film, ceramic thin film, composite thin film, etc. Extended plasma clean etch use.

    Product Specs
    Model KJ-PECVD-1200-50*300-F3
    Heating system Display LED
    Limit Temperature 1200℃
    Continuous Working Temp. ≤1100℃
    Heating Rate Suggestion: 0~15℃/min (max. 20℃/min)
    Temperature Zone 300mm
    Heating Element Resistance with Mo
    Thermocouple K type
    Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
    Tube Size 60 x 1200mm
    Material: alumina
    Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
    Heating process 30 steps programmable
    Power source 220V, 50 Hz, single phase at max. 3KW
    Max working pressure 0.02MPa
    Vacuum System
    Rotary vane pump
    Include KF25 Adpater,  bellow for vacuum pump group and mobile cabinet with wheels.
     Ultimate vacuum 10Pa under cold state.
    Vacuum gauge Inficon digital vacuum gauge
    Vacuum Flange Stainless Steel vacuum flange with valves and needles
    Mass Flow meters
    Flow scope CO2 (flow range: 0-200 sccm
    CH4 (flow range: 0-200 sccm)
    N2 the flow range (flow range: 0-200 sccm)
    Accuracy ±1.5 % F.S.
    Repeat accuracy ±1.5 % F.S.
    Response time ≦10sec
    Working pressure difference range 0.1~0.5MPa
    Pressure resistance 3MPa
    Temperature Coefficient Zero: ≤±0.2% F.S./℃; Span: ≤±0.2% F.S./℃
    Working environment temperature 5~45℃
    Input signal 0 V ~ +5.00 V
    Output signal 0 V ~ +5.00 V
      Electric plug form DB15 pin(Female)
      Power +15 V 50 mA
    -15V 200 mA
    Plasma RF Generator Output Power: 0 -300W adjustable with ± 1% stability
    RF frequency: 13.56 MHz ±0.005% stability
    Reflection Power: 120W max.
    Power stability index:  ± 0.1%
    Matching: Automatic
    Noise: <50 dB.
    Whole efficiency:≧70%

    1200c pecvd system

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