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  • High temperature and high vacuum brazing furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Application introduction:
        High-temperature and high-vacuum brazing furnace is mainly used for high-temperature stainless steel brazing and copper brazing and vacuum annealing of high-temperature copper materials. It can also be used for vacuum sintering of low-temperature powder metallurgy, brazing, sintering, solid solution, and failure of stainless steel products. Annealing, tempering above 620℃, copper failure, bright annealing, copper brazing, etc.

    Product features: 
        The vacuum brazing furnace is composed of a main machine, a vacuum system, a water cooling system, a pneumatic system, an electric control system and a transport vehicle outside the furnace.
    1. Achieve high vacuum to ensure the processing quality of the workpiece.
    2. The heating elements are evenly arranged to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature.
    3. Graphite heating and graphite felt heat insulation.
    4. The touch screen interface is friendly and practical. It can display and monitor the operating status of the equipment and can be called. , Edit and store the sintering process, and have dynamic display, historical data can be recorded and exported.
    5. With safety interlock, fault diagnosis and abnormal alarm function

    technical parameters:

    model KJ-SM223 (optional) KJ-SM334 KJ-SM446 (optional) KJ-SM557 (optional) KJ-SM669 (optional)
    Heating area (mm) 200×200×300 300×300×400 400×400×600 500×500×700 600×600×900
    Heating power (Kw) 25 48 75 90 150
    Maximum temperature (℃) 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350
    Ultimate vacuum (Pa) 10pa, 6.7×10-3pa
    Heating element graphite
    structure Single indoor thermal horizontal structure
    Heating rate 0-20℃/min
    More specifications can be customized according to requirements


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