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  • Low temperature vacuum sintering furnace


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    Product introduction:
        KJ-XW series vacuum sintering furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials under low vacuum, reducing and protective atmosphere, and can also be used for heat treatment of special materials. The thermal insulation material adopts alumina fiber, which has a good thermal insulation and energy saving effect; the whole machine has a novel structure and is easy to operate.

    Product features:
    The vacuum sintering furnace is composed of a heating furnace, a vacuum system, a water cooling system, and an electric control system.
    1. The furnace is made of high-quality aluminum oxide polycrystalline fiber inorganic material formed by vacuum adsorption with Japanese technology, which has good insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no impurities, high purity, and energy saving effect is obviously better than other domestic fiber materials;
    2. The whole The furnace body adopts a double-layer inner liner structure with an air gap in the middle. Even if the furnace temperature reaches the highest, the surface of the furnace body can still be touched safely without hot feeling.
    3. The furnace is made of energy-saving materials, and the energy consumption of the whole machine is only 1/3 of the same traditional electric furnace, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
    4. The heating element adopts silicon carbide rod, which has a fast heating rate and is easy to replace later.
    5. The temperature control system adopts touch screen operation and artificial intelligence adjustment, with PID adjustment, self-tuning function, and can program 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs.
    6. With over-temperature alarm and power failure, and leakage protection functions, the operation is safe and reliable.
    7. Our company With the ability to develop, design, produce and process by ourselves, our machines provide life-long parts replacement and upgrade services.
    Technical Parameters:

    model KJ-XW223 KJ-XW334 (optional) KJ-XW446 (optional) KJ-XW557 (optional) KJ-XW669 (optional)
    Heating area (mm) 200×200×300 300×300×400 400×400×600 500×500×700 600×600×900
    Maximum temperature (℃) 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
    Ultimate vacuum (Pa) 10pa, 6.7×10-3pa
    Heating element Silicon carbide
    structure Single indoor thermal horizontal structure
    Heating rate 0-10℃/min
    More specifications can be customized according to requirements


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