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Box vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Box vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Box vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Box vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Box vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Box vacuum heat treatment furnace



    This Box vacuum heat treatment furnace mainly used for bright annealing after quenching of high-speed steel, die steel, tool steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.

    Mainly introducing:
         The box-type vacuum heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of a heating furnace, a vacuum system, a control system, and a water cooling system. The furnace body is made of high-quality carbon steel and has a built-in stainless steel liner. The furnace is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber, which has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity and balanced temperature field. The heating element is high-quality resistance wire. The vacuum system adopts mechanical pumps, diffusion pump sets, high vacuum butterfly valves, vacuum gauges, vacuum release valves, vacuum pipelines, etc., and has an inflation interface. In order to reduce the vibration of the furnace body, metal bellows are used to connect the vacuum pipeline and the pump, and the vacuum measurement is measured by a composite vacuum gauge. The control system is composed of touch screen, programmable controller, temperature control meter, etc., to realize the functions of power supply, control, recording, monitoring, alarm and protection. At the same time, it fully controls the operation of the equipment, provides sequence control signals according to process requirements, and collects on-site feedback signals at the same time to provide conversion, interlocking, indication and alarm signals. The temperature control adopts an intelligent temperature controller, the temperature control accuracy is ±1°C, and 16 process curves can be stored, each process can have 30 segments, and it has the function of PID parameter self-tuning. A K-type thermocouple was used for temperature signal acquisition. The furnace temperature can be displayed digitally on the control cabinet, which is convenient for operators to observe and record.
    Product Usage:
        This equipment is suitable for high-temperature thermoforming of new materials such as powder metallurgy, functional ceramics, silicon carbide, and alumina. It is mainly used for bright annealing after quenching of high-speed steel, die steel, tool steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc. Welding parts, cold stamping parts, and residual internal stress after quenching of workpieces to prevent deformation and cracking of workpieces.

    Product parameters:
    Product name Box vacuum heat treatment furnace
    Model  KJ-TG1000-H350LK2
    Long-term working temperature ≦1000℃
    Liner material Stainless steel liner can withstand high temperature and high pressure
    Diameter diameter 350mm
    heating zone dual temperature zone 440mm+440mm
    tube chief 1600mm
    Temperature Control System 30-segment PID microcomputer programmable automatic control with self-tuning function, independent control of two temperature zones. Touch screen can record and store data.
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    temperature protection With over temperature and burnout protection function
    heating rate 0-15℃/minute
    Heating element High quality resistance wire
    Pressure relief protection Equipped with a pressure relief valve, when the pressure of the atmosphere inside the furnace is too high, it can automatically deflate for protection
    sealing system
    The furnace door is sealed with high-temperature silicone rubber, and the furnace has an air inlet and an air outlet to allow gas to pass through.
    Furnace material Using alumina polycrystalline fiber, the material has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity, and balanced temperature field
    Operating Voltage AC 220/380V 50HZ
    power about 38KW
    Temperature measuring element K-type thermocouple temperature measurement
    Furnace structure Vertical, double-layer air-cooled structure
    way of opening the door side door
    Furnace door structure Double-layer water-cooling structure to protect the sealing and reduce the temperature of the furnace door (the buyer of the water-cooler should prepare it by himself)
    Cooling system Equipped with circulating water, cooling furnace door and vacuum pump
    vacuum system Rotary vane pump + diffusion pump unit
    Vacuum Ultimate vacuum degree 6.67*10-3pa (empty furnace, cold state)
    vacuum display Composite digital display vacuum gauge
    Vacuum valve fittings Vacuum bellows, high vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum gauge, etc. constitute the vacuum system
    Provide related accessories 1 pair of crucible pliers, 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 1 set of disassembly wrench, 1 copy of instruction manual, 1 copy of certificate of conformity.
     warranty The warranty period is 15 months from the date of delivery or 12 months from the customer's acceptance, whichever comes first (except for consumables and man-made damage); beyond the warranty period, the supplier will continue to provide the accessories required by the buyer and technical services, and charge the actual expenses incurred.


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