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Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace
  • Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace
  • Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace
  • Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace
  • Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace
  • Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace



    It is suitable for CVD process, such as silicon carbide coating, conductivity test of ceramic substrate, two-dimensional material growth, controllable growth of ZnO nanostructure, ceramic capacitor (MLCC) atmosphere sintering and other experiments.

    Vertical fluidized bed tube furnace
    Model KJ-T1400-V60
    Heating zone length 400mm
    Furnace tube size diameter 60*1000mm
    Furnace tube material  High purity quartz tube
    Working temperature ≦1400℃
    maximum temperature 1300℃
    Temperature measuring element S Type thermocouple temperature measurement
    Heating rate 0-20ºC/min  
    Temperature Control System The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID adjustment and self-tuning functions
    1. Adopt PID method to adjust temperature control, and can set 30 heating and cooling programs
    2. Temperature control accuracy ±1ºC
    3. With over-temperature protection and burnout protection
    4. The instrument has the function of temperature self-tuning
    5. Touch screen control, data can be stored and copied
    Heating element High temperature silicon carbide rod
    Operating Voltage AC 220V Simplex 50HZ 
    Maximum power 5KW(Subject to actual power)
    Furnace material Using polycrystalline fiber furnace material, the material has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity and balanced temperature field
    flange Stainless steel vacuum flange, easy to disassemble, the lower flange is a water-cooled flange
    sieve 304 stainless steel screen, the hole is 0.2mm, the screen can be replaced
    sealing system The furnace tube and the flange are squeezed and sealed with O-rings, which are easy to disassemble, can be disassembled repeatedly, and have good air tightness.
    flow meter Two-way float flowmeter, controlled separately
    fluidized area 1. The reaction gas passes through the reaction zone evenly
    2. The solid particles are suspended in the heating zone by the gas fed in
    3. The furnace body is designed to be open. When the experiment is over, the furnace body can be opened, the quartz tube can be taken out, and the reacted particles can be taken out.
    Note: When the gas is injected to suspend the sample particles, the particles may pass through the heating zone because the gas flow is too large, so the gas flow should be adjusted according to the size of the particles during the experiment
    Temperature measurement system A temperature measuring hole is reserved on the upper flange, and a K-type thermocouple goes deep into the tube to display the temperature in the tube in real time, and the position of the thermocouple can be moved
    shell structure Double shell structure, open type
    Furnace structure Vertical structure, with wheels on the bottom, easy to move
    Standard accessories 1 pair of sealing flanges, 1 quartz tube, 4 sealing rings, 1 pair of high-temperature gloves, 1 crucible hook, 1 hex wrench for disassembling the flange, 1 warranty card manual


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