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  • KJ-V1200 Vertical Fluidized Bed Furnace


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    Brief Introduction:  
        KJ-V1200 is a vertical fluidized bed tube furnace, which is specially designed for CVD experiments of solid vapor deposition. The furnace tube is high-purity quartz special-shaped, with a quartz mesh embedded and fixed in the furnace tube. Powder 2 is feeded in on this mesh from top of the tube. The other mesh is fixed on the movable flange holder part. Then introduce the Nitrogen and Acetylene to blow the the powder 1 gas to pass through the above mesh and arrive at the coating reacting area, to blow up the Powder 2 particles in the reacting area for deposition experiments.

    Technical Parameter:
    Vertical Tube Furnace Part
    Model KJ-V1200 Vertical Fluidized Bed Furnace
    Heat zone length 300+300mm, two heat zones
    Tube size Φ50*1200mm(based on final design)
    Tube material High-purity quartz tube with built-in 5-20um mesh (customized)
    Working temperature ≦1100℃
    Max. Temperature 1200℃
    Thermocouple K type
    Temperature Control System Intelligent 30-segment PID automatic control via SCR power control and automatic tuning function.
    Built-in protection for the over-heated and broken thermocouple.
    Temperature Control accuracy ±1℃
    Heating Rate 0-20ºC/min(suggestion: 0-10ºC/min)
    Heating Element Resistance wire Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
    Working Voltage 220V, 50Hz, single phase
    Max Power 6KW
    Chamber Material Ceramic fiber
    Vacuum Flange Stainless Steel vacuum flange with valves and needles
    Vacuum Pump Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    Gas Route Two Way Float flow meters for Nitrogen and Acetylene, adjustable gas flow to fluidize the material. Flow range: 0-1L/min.
    Standard Parts 1 pair sealing flanges, with the flange holder part at the bottom end of the tube
    1 piece quartz tube with one built-in fixed mesh
    2 pieces sealing rings
    1 pair high temperature gloves
    1 piece crucible hook
    1 piece Allen key
    1 piece User Manual
    Certification CE
    Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime technical support
    (Consumable parts such as heating elements, quartz tube and flanges are not covered by the warranty)

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