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  • Special equipment for nanowire growth


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Main feature
    Kejia company developed special equipment for continuous carbon nanotube and nanowire growth. It consists of airflow control system, liquid injection system, multi-stage temperature controllable multi-zone growth system, water cooling system, carbon nanowire or membrane collection system, infrared drying system, etc. The maximum temperature of the growth furnace is 1400°C, which can be continuously adjusted between 0-1400°C. The heat field is distributed vertically, and the temperature is controlled at two points. The top of the equipment is equipped with a liquid injection port and a flow guide. This carbon nanotube or film CVD equipment can realize the characteristics of continuous growth and uninterrupted growth.
    Technical parameter

    Furnace structure:
    · Double-layer shell structure with air cooling system, the shell surface temperature is less than 60℃
    · High-purity alumina is used as the furnace material, and the surface of the furnace is coated with a 1750 ℃ ​​alumina coating imported from the United States, which can improve the heating efficiency (20%) and prolong the service time of the instrument

    Furnace tube material:     99.8% high purity corundum tube

    Furnace tube size:     OD: 80mm x ID: 72mm X Length 1500mm

    Stainless Steel Vacuum Flange:
    A set of stainless steel vacuum flanges are included in the instrument (with stainless steel needle valves and mechanical pressure gauges installed)
    · Armored flange can be used to extend the thermocouple to the inlet to measure its temperature

    Flange interface:
    In order to obtain better vacuum degree faster, KF25 adapter can be used
    In order to better pass the gas, you can choose 1/4" stainless steel ferrule fittings
    Flange interface can be customized

    Heating element:    High quality silicon carbide rod

    Operating temperature:  · Continuous working temperature: 100-1400℃
                                                    Maximum operating temperature: 1400℃

    Temperature Control System:
    ·Adopt PID method to adjust temperature, and can set 30 steps of heating and cooling program
    · Use S-type thermocouple for temperature measurement and temperature control
    · Temperature control accuracy: +/-1 ℃

    Heating zone length:    700mm+400mm

    Length of constant temperature zone:    800mm

    input power:   Single phase, 220V AC, 50/60 Hz

    Maximum power:   20KW

    Net weight:   200KG

    Quality certification and warranty period:   CE certification

    One year warranty (excluding furnace tube, heating element and seal wear parts)

    1. A water tank is added under the furnace tube, and the material is stainless steel. The water tank is designed with a trapezoidal structure, which is convenient for wire-discharging operation.

    2. In the water tank, there is a wire reel just below the furnace tube, which is driven by a motor. The wire reel is made of stainless steel, with a diameter of 40mm and a smooth surface.

    3. The lower end of the furnace tube is equipped with a bell mouth, the section is square, and a piece of plexiglass of 100x100mm (the visible area is 70x70mm) is inlaid on the two sides (the front and the right side) to facilitate the observation of the wire.

    4. The height of the injection needle into the furnace can be adjusted, the material is stainless steel tube, the outer diameter is 3mm, and it can be connected with the thick tube.

    5. The solution injection pump is at the same height as the furnace body, shortening the distance from the syringe to the injection port of the furnace body, and the injection pump and the injection port are connected with a hose.

    6. All gas pipelines are changed to stainless steel pipes.

    7. The temperature of the nozzle of the liquid injection port in the furnace can be measured, and the flange has been converted into an armored flange, which is convenient for temperature measurement.

    8. The lower flange of the furnace tube adopts a water-cooled flange, and the water-cooled machine is provided by the customer.

    9. It is necessary to consider whether the heating furnace can be separated from the square tube below, which is convenient for forklift operation and easy to replace the furnace tube.

    10. The length of the electric control cabinet is lengthened by 200mm, which is convenient for the installation of the electric control part.

    11. The wire-receiving part is controlled by three stepping motors, and the speed is 0-100r/min, which is continuously adjustable.

    12. The thermocouple on the flange of the liquid injection port can adjust the distance of penetration, which is convenient for temperature measurement.

    Special equipment for nanowire growth

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