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  • Multi-station tube furnace


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    Product Description:
        The multi-station tube furnace has beautiful appearance and advanced and reasonable structure design. High temperature resistance wire is used as heating element, double-layer shell structure and intelligent program temperature control system are adopted, and the furnace adopts polycrystalline fiber material, which is heat preservation and energy saving.

    Main functions and features:
    1. The heating element adopts high temperature resistance wire, and the furnace insulation material adopts polycrystalline fiber material, which has good insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no ball, high purity, and energy saving effect is obviously better than domestic fiber materials.
    2. The whole furnace body adopts a double-layer inner liner structure with an air gap in the middle. Even if the furnace temperature reaches the highest temperature, the surface of the furnace body can still be touched safely without hot feeling.
    Technical parameter::

    Product name Multi-station tube furnace (CE certification)
    Model KJ-T1200-S50L1   
    Heating zone size Φ76*200mm (Effective size)
    Furnace tube size Φ50*600mm
    Working temperature ≦1100℃
    Maximum temperature 1200℃
    Temperature Control System 30-segment PID microcomputer programmable automatic control
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃(With over-temperature and burnout alarm function)
    Heating rate 0-20℃/min
    Furnace material Using polycrystalline ceramic fiber, the material has good insulation performance, high reflectivity and balanced temperature field
    Rotation angle The furnace can be rotated by 180°
    Heating element High temperature alloy wire
    Flange Stainless steel hinged sealing flange, easy to open, both ends of the flange have φ8mm air inlet and outlet holes and needle valve switch control
    Sealing system The furnace tube and flange adopt O-ring extrusion seal, which is convenient to remove and can be removed repeatedly, and has good air tightness.
    Rated voltage Single phase 220V 50Hz
    Maximum power 2KW
    Passable gas Inert gases such as nitrogen and argon
    Temperature measuring element K-type thermocouple temperature measurement
    Shell structure Double shell structure
    Open way Open
    Random Accessories Vacuum flange, 0-type sealing ring, high temperature gloves, crucible hook, manual, etc.
    After-sale warranty One year warranty (except for wearing parts)
     Multi-station tube furnace

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