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Dual temperature zone vertical tube furnace
  • Dual temperature zone vertical tube furnace
  • Dual temperature zone vertical tube furnace
  • Dual temperature zone vertical tube furnace
  • Dual temperature zone vertical tube furnace
  • Dual temperature zone vertical tube furnace



    Kejia customized catalyst fluidized bed tube furnace, the system uses resistance wire as heating element, adopts double-layer shell structure and 30-segment program temperature control instrument, phase shift trigger, and SCR control.


    The heating system is customized according to the customer's requirements, the customer is mainly used for testing experimental samples’ wear index. Tube two-stage design (the middle can be removed), the bottom of the furnace tube connected to the customer's own gas catalytic reaction in the large diameter area, the top connected to the customer's own drying equipment. Double chamber design can realize differential temperature control.


    • Temperature control: The furnace is equipped with an advanced temperature control system, which can precisely control the temperature changes during the heating process. Users can set the target temperature as needed, and monitor and adjust the temperatur

    • High temperature stability: The furnace has excellent high temperature stability and can maintain a constant temperature during long-term operation. This is due to the high-quality insulation properties of the furnace chamber material.

    • Uniform heating: The heating elements of the furnace are reasonably arranged to ensure that the sample can be heated evenly. Its good heating uniformity can avoid the generation of hot and cold spots, thereby ensuring the accuracy of experimental results.

    • Stable performance, simple operation, suitable for your experimental products, can be tailor-made according to user requirements.

    Technical Parameters
    Model KJ-L1000LH-DZ
    Chamber Material Alumina Refractory Fiber
    Top Size D:323mm*H:440mm
    Bottom size D:120mm*H:380mm
    Tube Metal tube (Customer Provided)
    Heating zone Length 440mm+380mm
    Display LED digital display
    Temperature  Working Temp. ≦1000℃ (continuous)
    Actual Temp. Top:300℃+Bottom:800℃
    Heating Element  Resistance wire with Mo
    Heating rate 0-20 ℃ /min
    Thermal couple (measure temperature element) N type*2
    Temperature controller ● 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time.
    ● Built in PID Auto-Tune function with overheating & broken thermal couple broken protection.
    ● Over temperature protection and alarm allows for operation without attendant.
    Number 2
    Door structure Split design and side open
    Furnace shell structure Outside: carbon steel
    Inside: stainless steel
    Cooling system Air cooling
    Working voltage 220V 50Hz
    Max. Power 8KW
    vertical tube furnace



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