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  • Dual Tube (100/80 mm) - CVD Sliding Furnace and 4 Channel Gas & Vacuum System


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1200X-4-C4 is a special dual-tube CVD system designed for coating thin film on the metal foil, especially for preparing flexible electrode on metallic foil on new generation energy research. Fast heating and cooling can be achieved by sliding the furnace. Please refer to the Operations Instructions section to see the operations of the furnace:

    • A dual quartz tube:100mm Dia. exterior tube and suspended by 80 mm Dia. interior tube. Metallic foil (Graphene Growth Substrate) will be wrapped around the inside the tube surface for CVD reaction. 
    • The flanges for the dual tube, which allow reactive gasses to flow between two tubes ( 10mm space ) and the inert gas flow inside the tube for cooling.
    • 4 gas channels controlled by 4 separate digital MFCs
    • The vacuum pump is included with KF25 adapter and pipe for plug and play
    • Sliding rail is installed on the bottom of the furnace, which allows for fast heating or cooling by sliding furnace from one side to the other side.
    • One slide stopping clamp is included for holding the position of the furnace.
    Both the heating zone and vacuum system are selectable: Single or dual heating zone; High-Speed Oilless Dry Vacuum Pump - VBS-M1 or Two-Stage Mechanical Pump - VBS-ACP15.
    Furnace Structure

    Single heating zone
    • High purity Al2O3 insulation chamber guarantees excellent temperature uniformity.
    • Cooling fans are installed at the bottom of the furnace to ensure efficient ventilation.
    • Sliding flange assembly is made of stainless steel.
    • Dual quartz tube:100mm Dia. exterior tube and suspended by 80 mm Dia. interior tube. Metallic foil (Graphene Growth Substrate) will be wrapped around inside the tube surface for CVD reaction
    • Heating zone length: 440mm
    • Constant temperature heating zone length: 120 (±1°C) @400~1100°C
    Dual heating zone
    • High purity Al2O3 insulation chamber ensures excellent temperature uniformity.
    • Cooling fans are installed at the bottom of the furnace to ensure efficient ventilation.
    • Max. Temperature: 1200°C and continuous temperature: 1100°C.
    Two Heating Zones controlled separately:
    •  Dual direction sliding rails to ensure the furnace moves smoothly.
    • 200mm length for each heating zone, 400mm total heating length
    • 250mm constant temperature zone if the two zones heating at the same temperature
    • 500oC max temperature difference if place a thermal block in between two-zone
    10 feet power cable with no plug (ask a licensed electrician to do the plug)
    Single heating zone
    Power: 208-240VAC,  50/60Hz, single phase,  2.5KW ( 20A Breaker required)
    Dual heating zone
    Power:  208-240VAC,  50/60Hz, single phase,  4 KW ( 50A Breaker required) 
    Heating Temperature
    • Max. Temperature: 1100°C
    • Continuous Temperature: 1000°C
    Heating & Cooling Rate
    Max. heating and cooling rates depend on working temperature..
    ( You shall calibrate temperature and heating cooling rate at your working condition before use )
    Fused Quartz Tubes High purity quartz tube:
    Two pairs of vacuum-sealed flanges with water cooling jackets and stainless steel needle valves
    Outside tube EQ-QZTube-101D-1400: OD:4"x ID: 3.8" X 55" Length (OD 100 x ID 96 x 1400 mm )
    Inside tube EQ-QZTube-80D-1800: OD:3.15: x ID x 2.95" x 70.8" Length (OD 80 x ID 75 x 1800 mm 

    Vacuum Flanges
    Using dual-tube for inducing CVD growth on metal foil (wrapped around interior tube surface):
    • 1-1. Shown below, one pair of SS304 flanges to seal both the outside tube and space between the outside tube and inside the tube (this space is considered as a reaction chamber).
      • Left side flange: Barb fitting with needle valve as gas inlet, a digital vacuum gauge with measuring range 10^-4 to 1000 torr, water cooling inlet/outlet included
      • Right side flange: Right angle valve with KF25 flange fitting, a vacuum release needle valve, water cooling inlet/outlet included
    • 1-2. Leave both ends of the inside tube open for gas cooling.
    Ultimate vacuum pressure:   10^-2 torr (by mechanical pump)
                                              10^-5 torr (by turbo molecular pump)

    Temperature Controller
    • PID automatic control with 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate, and dwell time.
    • Built-in over-temperature alarm and protection allow for operation without any attendant.
    • Over-temperature protection and alarm allow for operation without attendant(s).
    • +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.
    • RS485 Communications Port.
      • Advanced Temperature Control (Optional)
      • MTS02-Y Temperature control software kit (for YD518P series controllers) + 15" laptop package is available at the options bar. 
    • You may upgrade the temperature controller to the Eurotherm 3504 Temperature Controller which is fully compatible with LabVIEW. This package includes a Eurotherm 3504 programmer, a communication cable (RS485 - USB) and a software CD.

    Mass Flow Meters & Gas Mixing Station

    • 4 precision mass flow controller ( MFC)  with digital display and adjusting knob are installed on the left bottom case to control gas flow rate:
    • 4 Gas channels
      • MFC 1: Control range from 0~100 SCCM
      • MFC 2: Control range from 0~200 SCCM
      • MFC 3: Control range from 0~200 SCCM
      • MFC 4: Control range from 0~500 SCCM
    • Flowing rate accuracy: ±1% FS
    • Gas inlet and outlet: 1/4" Swagelok tube connector
    • One 80mL gas mixing tank is installed in the bottom case
    • Each gas channel has a stainless steel needle valve for easy on/off  
    • The flow rate is adjustable from the MFC panel
    Vacuum Pump Station and valves
    • Optional 1:
    • Pfeiffer's High Speed (226L/min) Oilless Dry Vacuum Pump, 10E-3 Torr Limit is installed inside a heavy-duty mobile cart.
    • KFD25 adapter and stainless steel pipe are connected between the pump and tube flange with a precision ball valve.
    • 10E-2 Torr vacuum can be achieved inside the processing tube
    • A digital vacuum gauge is installed on the left side flange.
    • Optional 2:
    • The heavy-duty Double Step Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Exhaust Filter & KF-D25 Inlet is installed inside a heavy-duty mobile cart.
    • 6.7x10-4 mbar vacuum can be achieved inside the processing tube
    • A digital vacuum gauge (made in the USA) is installed on the left side flange.
    • For vacuum level to 10^-5 torr, please order below mobile turbopump
    Water Cooling Function
    • Water cooling on the flange is mainly for cooling down the o-ring inside the flange to ensure the best-sealed chamber at high temperature:
    • Water cooling flanges require >= 10L/M water flow.
    • You may use tap water as the coolant, but we strongly suggest you use a recirculating water chiller for environmental considerations.
    Optional Parts (building up a single tube furnace)
    • You can build up an 80mm Dia. single tube reaction by ordering extra sealing flanges and install them onto the interior tube:
    • Left side flange: Barb fitting with needle valve as gas inlet and 1/4'' feedthrough fitting for the customer to insert a measuring sensor (e.x. an insertable thermocouple for temperature calibration)
    • Right side flange: KF25 fitting with mechanical gauge and vacuum release valve
    • Furnace: 550 x 380 x 520mm
    • Bottom mobile case x 2: 600 x 600 x 600mm (one for gas mixing station and the other for vacuum pump)
    • Shipping Weight: ~800 lb
    • Shipping by freight with three pallets
    • The crating fee will be applied
    Warranty One year limited manufacturer's warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products page)

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