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  • 4 Channel Tube Furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1700X-MGI-4 is a compact four channels  25mm O.D. tube furnace for high throughout heat treatment research of alloy and ceramic material up to 1700°C .  It is an excellent tool to research the phase diagram in MGI new generation material.
    Furnace Structure
    • The furnace is consistent with 4 small tube furnace modules with alumina tube 25 OD x 22 ID x 460 L, mm 
    • Each heating module's temperature is controlled independently up to 1700°C
    • Quickly sealed flange,  Vacuum gauge, and flowmeter are installed to allows heat treatment under vacuum or flowing gas
    • Processing 4 samples with the different temperature at compact space 
    Heating Element 
    • MoSi2  
    Working Temperature &
    Constant Temperature Zone
    • Continuous Working Temperature 1600° C
    • Maximum Working Temperature 1700°C (< 1 hrs)
    • Constant temperature zone:
      • +/- 1°C within center 30 mm cubic zone
      • +/- 5°C within center 60 mm cubic zone
    Processing Tube
    • High purity alumina tube with   Φ25X L 460 mm, 4 tubes included
    • 4 flowmeters are included 
    • The quickly clamped flange of KF25 with mechanical vacuum gauge and needle valves
    • Max. Vacuum  10-5 torr by turbopump
    • Only one vacuum pump required via a KF25 port.  Click the picture below to choose a vacuum pump
    Temperature Control
    • Touch screen precision temperature controller with the protection of over-temperature and Thermal couple broke.
    • 4 channel heating tube is controlled independently by 30 segments programmable temperature controller
    • 4 B type Thermal Couple
    • PC control software is included, which can control 4 channel heaters by one Laptop
    Heating Rate
    •  10 °C/ min Max.    
    Temperature Accuracy
    • +/- 1°C
    Quenching  Optional
    • The furnace can be upgraded to verticle quenching furnace with a rotatable frame and quenching liquid tank at extra cost 
    Power &  Working Voltage
    • 6 KW, 208 - 240V single phase,  50/60Hz  ( if 4 heating modules operation in the same time )
    • Three-phase, AC 380V - 460V available upon request.
    • Note: Power cable included but without a plug. Please install a plug on your own. You may purchase a plug from your local hardware store or contact us  for a compatible plug.
    • CE Certified
    • NRTL (UL61010)  or CSA certification is available upon request at extra cost.
    Dimension      1000 L x 650 W x 640  H, mm  
    • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
    • We reserve the right to upgrade the furnace structure for better performance without notice
    Warning &
    Application note
    • Max pressure of this furnace is 7.5 PSI (0.5 atm).  You must install a pressure regulator on your gas tank to avoid over-pressured. 
    • This furnace also can be modified as a larger CVD furnace system with the proper gas delivery system. Please contact us to discuss your special application.
    4 Channel Tube Furnace

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