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  • 1700℃ Split Tube Furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1700X-UL is a UL-certified 1700℃ openable tube furnace. The heating element uses silicon molybdenum rods. The furnace tube can be configured as a 60mm or 80mm OD high-purity corundum tube. The two ends of the furnace tube have been installed. The stainless steel vacuum flange (installed with stainless steel needle valve and pagoda mouth joint), so the sample can be sintered and prepared in a vacuum or atmosphere protection environment. The precise temperature control system includes 30-stage heating and cooling curve settings, and its temperature control accuracy reaches +/- 1℃.
     Corundum tube specifications
    • Outer diameter 60 × inner diameter 54 × length 1000mm
    • outer diameter 80 × inner diameter 74 × length 1000mm
    Product features
    • • Openable design to facilitate the replacement of furnace tubes
    • • The furnace material is high-purity alumina, which can minimize heat loss
    • • The heating element and the furnace surface are coated with zirconia coating, which can extend the service life of the instrument to the greatest extent
    • • Before the instrument is used, it is necessary to plug alumina pipe plugs at both ends of the furnace tube to avoid heat radiation
    Power supply
    • • Working voltage: 208-240V AC, single phase, 50/60Hz
    • • Working power: 7KW
    Operating temperature
    • • Maximum working temperature: 1650℃, less than 2h (It must be heated in N2 or other inert gas environment to prevent the furnace tube from deforming)
    • • Continuous working temperature: 1600℃ (non-vacuum environment)
    •       1500°C (vacuum environment)
    • • Heating rate: ≤10℃/min
    Heating zone
    • • Heating zone length: 400mm
    • • The length of the constant temperature zone: 140mm (±1℃) Note: Due to the influence of the measuring method and the external environment, the measurement result may be deviated. This parameter is for reference only and not as the technical index of the device. You need accurate constant temperature zone data to purchase products, please contact our sales staff
    Heating element
    • 16 1800 grade silicon molybdenum rods
    Temperature Control System
    • Standard temperature control system:
    •    PID control and self-tuning adjustment function
    •    Intelligent 30-segment programmable control.
    •    With over-temperature and burnout alarm function.
    •    Temperature control accuracy: ±1 ℃
    •    Default D89 PC communication port (PC control module and software need to be purchased separately)
    Sealing system
    • • Both ends of the furnace tube are equipped with stainless steel sealing flanges. (Including precision needle valve, pointer vacuum pressure gauge, hose connector).
    • • To obtain a higher degree of vacuum, it is recommended to use stainless steel bellows connection and digital display vacuum gauge (to be ordered separately)
    • • Before the instrument is used, it is necessary to plug alumina pipe plugs at both ends of the furnace tube to avoid heat radiation
    • • Bipolar rotary vane mechanical pump: 10^-2 Torr.
    • • Molecular pump unit: 10^-5 Torr.
    • • Leakage rate <5 mTorr / min.
    Product Size
    • • Product size: 1000 L × 610 W × 750 H mm
    • • Net weight: 150kg
    • • One-year warranty period and lifetime maintenance (except for related consumables, such as furnace tubes, sealing rings, heating elements)
    • • When the temperature>100℃, do not open the furnace cover to avoid cracks in the furnace tube
    • • The air pressure in the furnace tube cannot be higher than 0.02MPa
    • • Due to the high internal pressure of the gas cylinder, a pressure reducing valve must be installed on the gas cylinder when passing gas into the furnace tube. It is recommended to purchase a pressure reducing valve from our company. The range of our company's pressure reducing valve is 0.01MPa-0.1MPa. It will be more precise and safe to use
    • • Cannot use graphite crucible in corundum tube
    • • When the furnace body temperature is higher than 1500℃, the furnace tube cannot be in a vacuum state
    • • The gas flow into the furnace tube must be less than 200SCCM to avoid the impact of the cold atmosphere on the heated quartz tube
    • • For the sample heating experiment, it is not recommended to close the exhaust valve and intake valve at the flange end of the furnace tube. If you need to close the gas valve to heat the sample, you must always pay attention to the indication of the pressure gauge. If the indication of the air pressure is greater than 0.02MPa, the vent valve must be opened immediately to prevent accidents (such as furnace tube rupture, flange flying, etc.)
    1700℃ Split Tube Furnace

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