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  • 1200℃ large diameter open tube furnace


    Continuous Temp:1200℃

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1200X-5S is a small open tube furnace with CE certification, its maximum working temperature can reach 1150℃. Furnace tube Φ130mm (or 100mm) high purity quartz tube. The equipment is equipped with a pair of stainless steel sealing flanges, which can heat treat samples in a vacuum or atmosphere protection environment. For the temperature control system, 30 steps of temperature rise and fall programs can be set, and the temperature control accuracy is +/- 1℃. This tube furnace can anneal up to 5 inches of wafers.
    Main feature ·5-inch quartz tube and hinged flange, the large cavity can be used as a box-type atmosphere furnace (avoid the problem of box-type furnace furnace chamber pollution)
    ·Can be used for annealing four-inch substrates
    ·Can be used as a module, DIY ALD CVD PVD evaporation furnace, rotary furnace, etc. (please contact us for details)
    ·Using high-purity alumina fiber as the furnace material, and the surface is coated with high-temperature alumina coating, which can improve heating efficiency
    ·Using ABB electrical components
    Note: Hinge flange is optional
    Basic parameters ·Maximum working temperature: 1100℃ (<0.5 hours) Continuous working temperature: 1000℃
    ·Recommended heating rate: ≦10℃/min
    ·Length of heating zone: 300mm Heating element: Mo-FeCrAl alloy
    ·Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz Power: 3KW
    ·Thermocouple: K type
    Furnace structure · Equipped with a pair of stainless steel sealing flanges, sealed with silicone sealing ring
    ·Quartz tube caliber optional: 130mm or 100mm
    · Equipped with 2 alumina pipe plugs, which should be placed at both ends of the furnace tube when using the equipment to ensure the sealing of the constant temperature zone and flange
    ·The right end flange is KF25 interface, used to connect the vacuum pump
    ·Vacuum: 10-2torr (using mechanical pump)
    ·A mechanical pressure gauge is installed with a measuring range of -0.1~0.15MP
    ·Adopt PID method to adjust the temperature, 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs can be set
    ·With over-temperature and burnout protection
    Dimensions ·Furnace lid closed size: 440mm (length) × 440mm (width) × 460mm (height)
    ·With flange support (260mm each), total length: 960mm (length) × 440mm (width) × 460mm (height)
    ·Opening size of furnace cover: 440mm (length) × 440mm (width) × 700mm (height)
    ·With flange support (260mm each), total length: 960mm (length) × 650mm (width) × 700mm (height)
    ·Temperature controller unit: 260mm (length) × 350mm (width) × 410mm (height)
    ·Furnace size: Φ290/150X300
    ·Net weight: 48Kg
    Warranty One year warranty and lifetime technical support.
    Special tips:
    1. Consumable parts such as heating elements, quartz tubes, sample crucibles, etc. are not included.
    2. Damage caused by the use of corrosive and acid gases is not covered by the warranty.
    large diameter open tube furnace
    large diameter open tube furnace

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