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    Product introduction:
       Kejia Touch Screen Tilt Rotary Tube Furnace adopts light ceramic fiber to refine the furnace, which is composed of two semi-circular furnace bodies, which is easy to open. The furnace tube is made of high-purity quartz furnace tube. The flakes help the powder to turn over and help to make the sintering more uniform. The heating element adopts molybdenum-containing alloy heating wire, which has fast heating rate, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and fast temperature rise; intelligent PID30 segment program temperature control, high temperature control accuracy; Vacuum sealing flange, good sealing ring, professionally used for battery positive and negative materials, no strong acid and alkali powder materials, laboratory calcining and drying of granular materials, users can choose according to the materials to be fired under vacuum Or firing under atmosphere protection.

    Main technical parameters of the equipment:
    Name Touch Screen Tilt Rotary Tube Furnace
    Model KJ-T1200-H100-X2
    Chamber material Furnace using alumina polycrystalline fiber
    Tube size The total length is about 1400mm
    (The pipe plug must be put in before the instrument is used to prevent heat radiation)
    Heating zone Double temperature zone, the length of the temperature zone is 300mm+300mm, and the total length of the heating zone is 600mm
    Furnace tube material quartz tube
    Working temperature ≤1100℃
    Max.temperature 1200℃
    Heating element Molybdenum resistance wire
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    heating rate 0-20℃/min, Suggest 10℃/min
    temperature test element K-type thermocouple, two temperature control thermocouples, more accurate temperature control
    temperature control system Adopt LCD touch screen operation, intelligent multi-stage PID programmable control
    The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID adjustment and self-tuning functions, and can compile multi-stage heating and cooling programs;
    Vacuum flange Stainless steel sealing flange, easy to disassemble, precision needle valve is installed on the flange
    tiltable angle 0-15 degrees (adjustable)
    rotation rate 0-5rpm/min
    rotating structure Rotation mode, the furnace tube can be rotated at 360°C in both forward and reverse directions, and the furnace body can be tilted
    Touch screen operation The tilt and rotation are integrated on the touch screen, which is simple and convenient to operate through the touch screen.
    Operating Voltage AC 220v/380V  50Hz 
    heating power 8KW
    Provide related accessories Crucible hook, high temperature gloves, thermocouple, furnace plug, instruction manual, warranty card, etc.
    After-sales service 12 months warranty, lifetime warranty (heating elements, furnace tubes and other random accessories are not included in the warranty scope)
    Precautions The air pressure in the furnace tube should not be higher than 0.02MPa
    Due to the high air pressure inside the gas cylinder, when gas is introduced into the furnace tube, a pressure reducing valve must be installed on the gas cylinder, which will be more accurate and safe to use.
    · When the temperature of the furnace body is higher than 1000℃, the furnace tube cannot be in a vacuum state, and the air pressure in the furnace tube must be equal to the atmospheric pressure and kept at normal pressure
    · The gas flow into the furnace tube should be less than 200SCCM to avoid the impact of the cold atmospheric flow on the heated quartz tube
    · Long-term use temperature of quartz tube <1100℃
    No corrosive gas such as chloride and sulfide should be introduced, which will easily cause damage to stainless steel parts such as flanges.
    For the sample heating experiment, it is not recommended to close the exhaust valve and the intake valve at the flange end of the furnace tube. If you need to close the gas valve to heat the sample, you need to pay attention to the reading of the pressure gauge. If the pressure reading is greater than 0.02MPa, you must open the gas relief valve immediately to prevent accidents (such as furnace tube rupture, flange flying out, etc.)

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