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1000℃ small rotary tube furnace
  • 1000℃ small rotary tube furnace
  • 1000℃ small rotary tube furnace
  • 1000℃ small rotary tube furnace
  • 1000℃ small rotary tube furnace
  • 1000℃ small rotary tube furnace



    The 1000℃ tilt-rotating tube furnace is a tube heating furnace with a tilt-rotation function. The furnace tube can continuously rotate 360° and the speed is adjustable. The furnace tube is made of a customized variable-diameter stainless steel tube. There

    Product Description:
    The 1000℃ tilt-rotating tube furnace is a tube heating furnace with a tilt-rotation function. The furnace tube can continuously rotate 360° and the speed is adjustable. The furnace tube is made of a customized variable-diameter stainless steel tube. There is a lifting plate on the inner wall of the tube to help the powder material turn over; the furnace body can be tilted to facilitate the picking and discharging of materials. If it is necessary to keep the single particle of the material structure (such as when drying or calcining materials), the rotary tube furnace is a good choice for you. The continuous rotational motion of the tube and the application of protective gas will give you the results.

    Scope of application: Mainly used for uniform sintering of various materials in atmosphere and vacuum.

    Product parameters:
    Product name 1000℃ small rotary tube furnace
    Model KJ-T1000-QX-DZ
    Max.temperature 1000℃
    Working temperature 1000℃ and below
    Shell structure Double-layer air-cooling, electrostatic spraying
    Furnace material Alumina refractory fiber
    Temperature Control System PID mode adjustment 30-segment programmable automatic control
    Temperature control protection With over-temperature and disconnection alarm functions
    Temperature control accuracy ± 1℃
    Heating rate 0-20 ℃ /min
    heating zone Single temperature zone, total heating zone length 600mm, uniform temperature zone length 400mm
    Heating element High resistance electric heating alloy wire
    Operating Voltage AC 380V    50 Hz
    Maximum power About 15KW (subject to actual design)
    Temperature measuring element K type thermocouple temperature measurement
    furnace tube Made of stainless steel, special-shaped stainless steel furnace tube
    flange 1 set of stainless steel flange, equipped with vacuum pressure gauge, needle valve, air nozzle, one in and one out for vacuuming
    rotating angle ≤20°
    rotating speed 0-10rpm Adjustable
    Ultimate vacuum degree -0.1MPA
    Standard accessories 1 crucible hook, 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 1 instruction manual
    Warranty 1 year (excluding wearing parts and man-made damage)
    rotary tube furnace


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