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Anti-Corrosive Rotary Tube Furnace



KJ-800X-III-R2 is a three zones rotary tube furnace designed for use with strong corrosive gases such as HCL and CH4. The processing tube is made of the double-layer structure of quartz and SS310S and the flange is made of PETF and anti-corrosive rotatio

Specific Introduction:
    KJ-800X-III-R2 is a three zones rotary tube furnace designed for use with strong corrosive gases such as HCL and CH4.  The processing tube is made of the double-layer structure of quartz and SS310S and the flange is made of PETF and anti-corrosive rotation fixture, which allows the rotary furnace working at max. 800oC at 3 bar pressure.

Furnace Construction
  • Special design processing tube with a double-layer structure, which allows furnace running HCL corrosive gas at 3 bar pressure up to 800°C  (Please refer the Pic left)
  • The sealing flanges are made of PTFE and the rotating fixture is made of anti-corrosive steel with Teflon coating.
  • Three heating zone rotary furnace with max. the working temperature of 800ºC @ +/- 1oC accuracy. 
Heating Zone length  
Three heating zones: each zone length: 150 + 300 + 150 (mm)  total heating zone length 600 mm
Constant temperature zone: 300 mm within +/- 2oC if three zones at the same temperature.
Processing tube & Sealing Flange

  • The double-layer structure which has inside quartz tube and outside SS310A high-temperature stainless steel.
    • Quartz tube size:   52mm ID x 60 mm OD x 1400mm L,  
    • SS310S tube:        62 mm ID x 70mm OD x 1300 mm L
  • Sealing flanges, gas fittings and valves are made of PTFE
  •  Anti-corrosive Magnetic Fluid Sealed Swivel Coupling
Vacuum Level:
  • 10 - 2 torr by the mechanical pump
  • 10 - 4 torr by a turbopump
Max. Working Temperature
&  Working Pressure
  • 800°C for continuously and 900 °C Max for < 1 hour
  • Max. working pressure 3 bars
  • Max. Vacuum:  4.5x10-2 torr (<0.1mtorr/s leaking rate)
Heating Rate  Recommend: 10 °C/min
Temperature Controllers Three PID digital temperature controller with 30 segment programmable,  +/- 1°C
Thermocouple Three  Omega K type 3mm OD x 6" L with high-temperature tolerance (220°C) connector
Tube rotating Speed  0 - 10 RPM variable
Furnace tilt angle 0~30° via the electric motor
  • 208 - 240V single phase (30 A Breaker required)  50/60Hz
  • 5 KW Max
Warranty One-year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products page.)  

  • CE Certified
  • NRTL (UL61010)  or CSA certification is available at extra cost.
 Furnace dimension: 1725 L x 590 W  x 1460 H  ( mm)
 Product net weight 100Kg
 Shipping dimension 49" x 40" x 70"
 Shipping weight 450 lbs
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