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1700°C Rocking Tube Furnace with 60mm OD Alumina Processing Tube



KJ-1700X-RC is a high-temperature rocking tube furnace up to 1700ºC. The processing tube is made of a 2" ID alumina tube. The rocking mechanism can drive the furnace swing +/- 45º from right to left at variable speed.

Specific Introduction:
    KJ-1700X-RC is a high-temperature rocking tube furnace up to 1700ºC. The processing tube is made of a 2" ID alumina tube. The rocking mechanism can drive the furnace swing +/- 45º  from right to left at variable speed.   It is designed for processing materials under controlled atmosphere gas at high temperatures to achieve more uniform composition.
  • Double-layer steel casing with air cooling to keep the case temperature < 60oC.
  • High purity fibrous alumina chamber with max energy saving.
  • Alumina tube, vacuum flange, gauge & valves are included.
  • 1800 grade MoSi2 Heating Elements allows 1700C operation
  • Precision temperature control with +/- 1oC accuracy
  • AC 208 - 240V 50/60Hz, single-phase
  • 3.0 KW (20A breaker required)

Working Temperature
  • Max. Temperature: 1700 °C  (< 2 hr )
  • Continuous working temperature: 1600°C
  • Max. Heating Rate: 10°C /min
Temperature Control

(optional Eurotherm)
  • One FA-YD518P-AG temperature controller is included.
  • Proportional–integral–derivative control (PID control) and auto-tune function
  • 30 segments programmed with ramping, cooling and dwelling steps
  • Built-in over-temperature alarm and thermocouple failure alarm
  • +/- 1 ºC temperature control accuracy
  • THE Default RS485 PC port for PC operation and operation software is included.
  • You may upgrade the temperature controller to the Eurotherm 3000 Series Temperature Controller with +/- 0.1 ºC accuracy.

Heating Zone
Heating Zone Length: 12" (300mm)
Constant Temperature Zone:  (80mm)  within +/- 1ºC

Processing Tube
  • Hight purity ( >99/5%) alumina tube.
  • 54 mm (I.D) x 60 mm (O.D) x 800 mm length.
  • The fibrous ceramic tube blocks are included for blocking heat radiation and fixing the crucible without moving.   We can make customized the length of blocks for you.
Vacuum Flange
  • Two choices of stainless steel flange with vacuum gauge and valves
  • 2" default flange with 1/4'' Bard fittings, 1/4'' tube feedthrough port (for 1/4" O.D thermocouple insert) and a KF25 vacuum port
  • Both flanges may change into 3/8" barbed hose fittings
  • You may replace the standard barbed hose fitting with the 304SS 1/4" Swagelok® Tube Fitting x 1/4" BSPP Male
Vacuum Pressure
  • 50 m-torr can be achieved by a mechanical pump
  • 10^-5 torr can be reached by turbopump
Rocking  Station
  • Gear DC motor, 150W  drives the furnace in the center
  • LCD digital display with adjustable speed from 10 - 70 RPM
  • Rocking angle:  +/- 45º  Max. adjustable.  (90º is available upon request )
  • Rocking frequency:    0.1 - 1 time per minute adjustable
  • Rocking Timer: 1-1199 min or continuous running
Shipping Weight 300 lbs
  • One-year limited warranty with lifetime support  
  • (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, and O-rings are not covered by the warranty, please  order replacements at related products page.)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL (UL61010)  or CSA certification is available at extra cost
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