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  • 1200℃ rotary CVD tube furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1200X-5L-R-CVD is a 5" rotary CVD tube furnace with 3 heating zones and 4 Channel precision gas delivery system. The furnace is designed for coating battery powder both anode and cathode for the next-generation battery and is a cost-effective intermediate step in the upscaling process from laboratory to production scale.
    Furnace Construction
    • Double shell casing with three cooling fans
    • High purity Alumina fibrous insulation for max. energy efficiency
    • DC Gear motor drives quartz tube with variable speed 0 - 10 RPM
    • The furnace can be electrically tilted up to 30°
    • Split cover enables faster cooling and easy operation.
    • All electric components are UL or Met recognized and ready to pass any safety test worldwide
    Heating Zone length Three zones: (600mm, 24" in total)
    Zone 1: 150 mm  ( 6")
    Zone 2: 300mm  ( 12")
    Zone 3: 150 mm ( 6")
    Constant temperature zone: 450 mm within +/- 2 ºC if two zones are at the same temperature.
    Processing tube & Flange Fused quartz tube (one is included)
    Dimension:  130 mm O.D. x 120 mm I.D. x 1200 mm L + 60 OD mm (two ends )
    One pair of 60mm SS sealing flange with needle valves and the rotatable gas connector  is included for immediate use      
    Gas Fittings
    Inlet Fitting: Elbow Push-in connector for 6mm O.D tube; Outlet Fitting:  Elbow Push-in connector for 12mm O.D tube
    Max. Working Temperature 1100°C for continuously
    1200°C Max for < 1 hours
    Optional Temperature Controllers         
    • Three PID digital temperature controllers with 30 programmable segments
    • RS485 port is built in to connect PC for remote control
    Temperature Uniformity  +/- 1°C in heating Zone
    Three Omega K type 3mm OD x 6" L with high-temperature tolerance (220°C) connector
    Tube rotating Speed 0 - 10 RPM variable
    Furnace tilt angle 0 - 30°
    Chamber pressure 10-2 torr
     Production yield  2 kg per batch
    Vacuum and Filters
    • One heavy-duty mechanical vacuum pump  with Exhaust Filter  are  included 
    • One cold vacuum trap is included to avoid CVD contaminating the vacuum pump.
    Gas Delivery System
    • Four channel precision gas mixing and delivery system with Touch Screen  is included for 1-4 kinds of gasses CVD
    • Note:  If using flammable gas in the system,  It must be placed in a fume hood with the suitable gas detector. You must get approved by professional safety personnel.
     Power  4 KW Max
     Voltage  208 - 240V single phase (30 A Breaker required)
     Warranty & Certificate One year limited warranty (consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, replacements are available at related products page.) 
    • CE Certified
    • NRTL (UL61010)  or CSA certification is available at extra cost.
     Net Weight    130 kg   
     Shipping Weight &  Dimension
    • 600 lbs
    • 48"x40"x80"
    Application Notes
    • The continuous power feeding and processing can be realized by the use of Magnetic Fluid Sealed Swivel Coupling in line with Volumetric Feeder and Rotary Furnace. Please view the assembling approach diagram and video in below.  
    • Rotary Tube Furnaces are used for the quick and easy production of laboratory-scale samples with excellent homogeneity for R&D and quality control.
    • The tube furnace with quartz tube is designed for use under vacuum and low pressure < 0.2 bars / 3 psi 
    • Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. 
    • Vacuum limit definition for all quartz tube furnaces: * Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1000°C

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