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Large diameter rotary tube furnace
  • Large diameter rotary tube furnace
  • Large diameter rotary tube furnace
  • Large diameter rotary tube furnace
  • Large diameter rotary tube furnace
  • Large diameter rotary tube furnace



    The equipment consists of a rotary heating furnace (with electric flip device), furnace tube, electrical control, vacuum system, etc.

    The equipment consists of a rotary heating furnace (with electric flip device), furnace tube, electrical control, vacuum system, etc.

    1. This rotary heating furnace is composed of a furnace shell, a furnace lining, a heating element, and a furnace tube rotating device. The furnace shell is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part is electrically controlled and can be flipped open when loading and unloading the furnace tubes. The furnace lining is made of alumina fiber lining. The heating element adopts high-temperature silicon carbide straight rods arranged up and down on the furnace lining, and the joints are led out with aluminum strips. The furnace tube rotation device is driven by frequency conversion speed regulation, and the rotation speed can be set arbitrarily within a certain range.

    2. The furnace tube is a round stainless steel reducing tube. It adopts a structure with thin ends and a thick middle to ensure that the material fully reacts in the middle heating part. The pouring of the product can be controlled by electric control of the tilt angle, and the furnace tube can be poured according to the sequence. It rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, and the rotation speed can be adjusted within a certain range. The user can determine the appropriate rotation speed according to the shape, material, and temperature of the product being processed. The material of the furnace tube is made of SUS310S stainless steel, and there is a lifting plate inside the tube, which can lift the material during the rotation process and heat it evenly. Both ends of the furnace tube are sealed with flanges, and the inlet end is equipped with a rotary joint to allow the atmosphere to pass through, and the material enters and exits from the inlet end.

    3. Temperature control system: This furnace is equipped with an automatic furnace temperature control system and PID automatic power adjustment control, which can automatically adjust the current input. The temperature control instrument adopts a programmed intelligent instrument, which can set the temperature rising curve in sections. The control execution system adopts thyristor control, and is equipped with an air switch and a quick-fuse as secondary protection, with overload, short-circuit and other protective measures. , Reliably guarantee the normal operation of the control components.

    4. Safety measures: equipped with an over-temperature alarm device. The electric heating element is equipped with an ammeter and voltmeter, and has power-on interlock protection and safety grounding measures to ensure safe use.

    5. Vacuum system: It adopts magnetic fluid seal to ensure that the furnace tube can be evacuated normally when rotating. The vacuum pump adopts BSV30 rotary vane pump with a pumping speed of 8L/S. When the vacuum pump switch is turned on, the vacuum can be evacuated.

    6. Flowmeter: Mass flowmeter accurately controls flow, gas nitrogen, acetylene gas

    Main applications: sintering equipment required for high-temperature sintering of graphite, sodium titanium phosphate, molecular sieve (psa molecular sieve), carbon nanotubes and other materials, chemical vapor deposition (CVD carbon coating), CVD carbon pore adjustment and other processes. 



    • Energy-saving and efficient, high work efficiency.

    • Using high-purity heating elements, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

    • Adopting international advanced technology, the equipment has high technological content.

    • It has a wide range of applications and strong practicality. Customer feedback is extremely high.

    Technical Parameters
    Product Name  Large diameter rotary tube furnace
    Model KJ-TX1000-H400LK4
    Rated voltage 380V 50HZ
    Maximum temperature 1100℃
    Long-term use temperature 1000℃
    Phase 3 Phase
    Number of heating zones 4 zone
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature table 30-segment programmable PID intelligent control, phase-shift trigger
    Furnace studio size φ400×1500mm
    Temperature measuring element 4 K-type thermocouples
    Heating element Silicon carbide rod
    Heating zone size 2000mm
    Loading capacity Effective volume is about 180L (approximately ⅓--½ of each discharge)
    Furnace tube material 310S Reducing tube
    Furnace tube size φ400 in the middle to φ200mm at both ends (the final size is based on the standard tube)
    Furnace lining material Alumina polycrystalline fiber
    Sealing method Stainless steel sealing flanges at both ends for easy disassembly
    tilt angle 360-degree rotation of the furnace tube 0-15° (adjustable angle)
    spinning speed 0-5 turns (speed adjustable)
    Vacuum sealing Rotary seal structure
    Vacuum pump Rotary vane pump BSV30 (8L/S) pre-vacuum
    Furnace structure Carbon steel spray-coated, openable furnace door
    Furnace door open Electric opening
    Flow meter Mass flow meter, gas nitrogen, acetylene gas
    rotary tube furnace



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