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1200℃ Dual Zone Split Tube Furnace with Revolving Sample Feeding System



KJ-1200X-II-ZL is a hybrid PVD and CVD ( HPCVD) deposition system with four evaporation sources for preparing multilayer 2D materials up to 1200oC. The system is consists of a dual-zone split tube furnace with the revolving sample feeding system that ca

Specific Introduction:
    KJ-1200X-II-ZL is a hybrid PVD and CVD  ( HPCVD) deposition system with four evaporation sources for preparing multilayer 2D materials up to 1200oC.  The system is consists of a dual-zone split tube furnace with the revolving sample feeding system that can drive the crucible into a processing tube at the desired temperature in the different position of the heating zone. The revolving feed system can push and draw a crucible with evaporation material through the atmosphere controlled tube furnace and sequentially evaporate the material one by one up to four crucibles as the program.  Its built-in PLC touchscreen allows users to manage the feeding method and monitor the temperature of each sample. Two 30-segment programmable PID temperature controllers provide excellent control without temperature overshooting. 
Furnace Structure
  • Two independent temperature controllers to control each zone's temperature.
  • Double-layer steel casing with air cooling keeps furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C.  
  • High purity fibrous alumina insulation for maximum energy saving.
  • The special refractory coating on liner and heating element helps increase furnace service life.
  • Split cover with Interlock protection, cut the power if the door opens during the furnace heating process.       
Power Requirement
  • Single Phase 208~240VAC, 3KW (20Amp circuit breaker is required)
Heating Zone Length
  • Two zones: each zone length is 8" (200 mm)
  • Total 16" (400 mm) heating zone
Constant Temp. Zone
  • 150mm (+/-1°C) for each heating zone
  • A longer constant temperature zone ( about 250mm ) can be created by setting both zones at the same temperature    
Temperature Range 100~1100°C (Continuous); 1200°C (<1 hour) 
Max. Heating Rate ≤ 20°C /min
Revolving Feeding Stock System
  • One thermocouple connects to the crucible from the left flange . The stepper motor drives the crucible to travel through the tube together with the thermocouple for real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Four crucibles can be simultaneously placed into the revolving feed system and sequentially delivered to the quartz tube under vacuum or inert gas one by one .                      
Crucible Movement Control
  • The crucible moving speed and distance are controlled by a stepper motor.
  • Crucible traveling distance: 1mm ~ 200mm
Temperature Controllers
  • Two digital controllers with 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate, and dwell time.
  • Built-in PID Auto-Tune function with overheating & broken thermocouple protection.
  • Over-temperature protection and alarm allow for operation without attendant(s).
  • +/- 1ºC temperature accuracy.
  • Two K-type thermocouples (one for each zone).
  • RS485 Communications Port.
  • Optional:
    • The furnace can be operated by PC with an MTS02-Y Temperature control software package (include 2 communication chips and one 15" laptop). 
    • Eurotherm 3000 controllers are available with +/- 0.1ºC accuracy at the extra cost.              
Tube Accessories
  • One fused quartz tube (60mm O.D. x 54mm I.D. x 1000mm L) is included.
  • Four quartz crucibles for evaporation are included
Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • Corrosion-proof Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge with ceramic coated sensor head specially designed for vacuum measurements with the presence of corrosive gases.
  • Provides a wide range (3.8E-5 ~ 1125 torr) of measurement.
Vacuum Pump
  • Double Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is included.
  • SS vacuum pipe & ball valve with KF25 adaptor generate 1E-2 torr vacuum.
Gas Flow Control System
  • Three-channel Gas Control System with PLC Touchscreen is included.
  • Three mobile carts are included to support the furnace and the revolving feed system.
Water Chiller
  • A 16L/min recirculating water chiller is included for cooling the flange.
  • Short water power off and Over-temperature alarm built-in.
Dimensions  2400mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 1300mm(H)   
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime support.
  • Compliance
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL  or CSA certification at extra cost. 
Application Notes

  • Tube furnaces with quartz tubes are designed for use under vacuum and low pressure < 0.2 bars. Vacuum pressure may only be safely used up to 1000°C. The flow rate for gasses should be limited to < 200 SCCM (or 200 ml/min) for reducing thermal shocks to the tube.
  • Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on a gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. 
  • You can set up the different temperature with each zone to create a thermal gradient for CVD deposition.

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