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  • Customized 1700C Double Tube Furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Product introduction:
    The double-tube tube furnace equipment is a new generation product developed by our company. The specifications can be customized according to user requirements. Two furnace tubes can be placed up and down in a heating chamber. The furnace material is made of high-purity alumina polycrystalline fiber and double-layered shell. Body structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, can be made into single temperature zone, double temperature zone, multi-temperature zone, etc. The temperature control system adopts PID intelligent program temperature control system, thyristor control, high temperature control accuracy, each temperature The temperature of the zone can be controlled independently, mainly used in college laboratories, industrial and mining enterprise laboratories, high, medium and low temperature CVD processes, such as the development of carbon nanotubes, crystalline silicon substrate coating, metal material diffusion welding and vacuum or atmosphere. heat treatment, etc.

    Main functions and features:
    1. The heating element adopts high-quality silicon molybdenum rod, and the furnace insulation material adopts polycrystalline fiber material, which has good thermal insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no foreign balls, high purity, and the energy saving effect is obviously better than that of domestic fiber materials.
    2. The whole furnace body adopts a double-layer liner structure with an air gap in the middle. Even if the furnace temperature is as high as 1600 ℃, the surface of the furnace body can still be safely touched without a feeling of burning.
    3. The heating element adopts high-quality silicon molybdenum rod, which has a fast heating rate and is convenient for later replacement and maintenance.
    4. The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment, has PID adjustment, self-tuning function, and can compile 30 sections of heating and cooling programs
    5. Five temperature zones are used for heating, each temperature zone is 300mm long, and each temperature zone can independently control the temperature
    6. Independent electric control cabinet, output voltage and output current monitoring table, the heating state of the furnace is clear at a glance.
    7. With over-temperature alarm protection function, safe and reliable operation
    8. Our company has the ability to develop, design, produce and process by ourselves, and our machines provide lifetime parts replacement and upgrade services.

    Main technical parameters of the equipment:
    Product name Customized Double Tube Furnace
    Model KJ-T1700-H219
    chamber size Furnace using alumina polycrystalline fiber
    Hole Size Can be put into Φ219mm furnace tube
    heating zone Heating in five temperature zones, each temperature zone is 300mm, and the total length of the heating zone is 1500mm
    heating rate 0-20℃/min, 10℃/min is recommended, can be adjusted according to the process
    Heating element High quality silicon molybdenum rod
    working temperature 1600℃
    Max.temperature 1700℃
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature control method The temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID adjustment and self-tuning functions, and can compile 30-stage heating and cooling programs;
    1. Using PID mode to adjust temperature control, 30 sections of heating and cooling programs can be set
    2. Temperature control accuracy ±1ºC
    3, with over-temperature protection, break-couple protection over-temperature
    4. The instrument has the function of temperature self-tuning (users can choose LCD touch screen display)
    Temperature control protection With over temperature protection function
    Operating Voltage AC 380V  50Hz 
    Design power 60KW
    temperature test element 5 B-type double platinum-rhodium thermocouples
    Sealed air intake The furnace body is made of a sealed shell as a whole, which can pass inert gas. It is equipped with a Φ6mm gas inlet and outlet. The sealing body is equipped with a mechanical pressure gauge and a safety pressure relief valve. When the pressure in the sealing body is too large, it will automatically release the pressure.
    Provide related accessories High temperature gloves, thermocouple, hexagon wrench, instruction manual, warranty card, etc.
    After-sales service 12-month warranty, lifetime warranty (optional accessories such as heating elements are not covered by the warranty)


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