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1400℃ Six Zone Split Tube Furnace
  • 1400℃ Six Zone Split Tube Furnace
  • 1400℃ Six Zone Split Tube Furnace
  • 1400℃ Six Zone Split Tube Furnace
  • 1400℃ Six Zone Split Tube Furnace
  • 1400℃ Six Zone Split Tube Furnace



    KJ-1400X-6Z is a six-zone split tube furnace with alumina tube and vacuum-sealed flange working up to 1400°C. Six 30 segments temperature controllers are installed with S type thermal couples and +/ - 1°C accuracy. It is an excellent furnace for high-tem

    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1500X-6Z is a six-zone split tube furnace with alumina tube and vacuum-sealed flange working up to 1500°C. Six 30 segments temperature controllers are installed with S type thermal couples and  +/ - 1°C accuracy. It is an excellent furnace for high-temperature CVD and annealing application
    Power Input 22 KW
    Working Voltage  AC380+/- 10% VAC three-phase 50/60Hz
    ( 100 A breaker required)
    Working Temperature Max.                1500°C 《 30 minutes
    Continuous:      800 -1400°C
    Recommend Heating rate 5°C/min.
    Processing Tube Material:  Alumina
    Size:   60 O.D x 51 I.D x 1800mm L
    Heat Zone Length
    • Six heating zones:     12" +8" + 8" + 8" + 8" + 12" 
    • Total heating zone length:  1422 mm  ( ~ 56")
    • Constant Temperature Zone:   800 mm  +/- 5ºC. ( If set 6 zones at the same temperature, without zone spacer. If you don't need the zone spacer, you shall inform us in advance)
    • The Built-in heating zone space to create a thermal gradient up to 100ºC/ cm
    Overall Dimensions 1950 mm L × 660 mmW × 762 mmH
    Temperature Controllers
    • 6 digital temperature controllers for controlling each heating zone
    • PID automatic control with 30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate, cooling rate and dwell time.
    • Built-in overheating & broken thermocouple protection.
    • Over-temperature protection and alarm allow for operation without attendant(s).
    • +/- 1 ºC temperature accuracy.
    • RS485 Communications Port.
    • Optional: 
      • The furnace may be operated by PC by installing a control module. Please order an MTS-02 control module at extra cost. 
      • If you order the PC control module together with the furnace, we will install and test it before shipping. We recommend you to order a computer laptop from us to avoid software installation problems. For more information please .
    European Temperature Controllers (optional upgrade)
    • 1 heating channel
    • 1 program of 8 or 24 segment
    • Alarm Relay: Form 'A' and Form ‘C’ built-in 
    • Digital Communications: RS485
    • Temperature Accuracy:  ±  0.1ºC
    • Recipes: Using a PC tool recipes can be created that can be used to change the operating parameters of the 3000 simply by selecting a new recipe via the HMI. This is very useful where multiple products are processed using the same controller but require different parameters to be set.
    Vacuum Level
    • 10E-2 torr by quality mechanical vacuum pump
    • 10-5 torr by molecular pump

    Thermal Block Placement
    • Two thermal blacks are included. Please click the picture below to learn how to place them inside tube
    • You may order flange support to avoid tube rotating
    Heating Elements & Thermal couples
    • 48 pcs  1500ºC grade Silicon carbide rod  (14mm Dia. x 150mm heating  x  413mm length)
    • The heating element is consumable,
    • Six S-type thermocouples (one for each zone).
    Net Weight ~ 300 Kg

    Application Notes
    • The tube furnaces with mullite tube are designed for use under vacuum and low pressure < 0.02 Mpa
    • Never use graphite crucible and the alumina tube.
    • Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. 
    • The flow rate for gases should be limited to < 200 SCCM ( or 200ml/min )
    • Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1300°C for all mullite tube furnaces:
    • Customized long heating zone up to 1200 mm L  with 700 mm uniform temperature zone ( +/- 5°C) ,1800mm mullite tube is available upon request;

    • One year limited warranty with lifetime support (consumable parts such as processing tubes, and O-rings are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products page).  
    • ATTENTION: Any damages caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases are not under the coverage of Kejia One Year Limited Warranty.

    • CE Certified


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