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High Temperature CVD Tube Furnace System
  • High Temperature CVD Tube Furnace System
  • High Temperature CVD Tube Furnace System
  • High Temperature CVD Tube Furnace System
  • High Temperature CVD Tube Furnace System
  • High Temperature CVD Tube Furnace System



    High vacuum 1600 ℃ vacuum tube furnace, with the possibility of working under atmospheres and under vacuum using inert gases, this furnace is mainly used for the recovery of gases from calcina

    Brief Introduction:  
    KJ-T1600-L10030-LC4 is a compact tube furnace system, which consists OD100 single-zone tube furnace, 4 channels precision mass flow meter with gas mixing tank, and rotary vane vacuum pump system. 
    Technical Parameter:
    Model KJ-T1600-L10030-LC4
                      Part I: Tube Furnace

    Tube Furnace
    Display 7’’ Touch screen
    Furnace Structure Split type and upper part can be opened.
    Double layer steel casing with air cooling to keep furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C. High purity fibrous alumina insulation for Max. energy saving.
    Max. Temperature 1600℃ for short time
    Continuous Woking Temp. ≤1500℃
    Heating Rate Suggestion: 0~10℃/min (max. 20℃/min)
    Temperature Zone Double zones
    Heating Element MoSi2 rods
    Thermocouple B type
    Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
    Processing Tube OD80 x 1000mm (OD x L)
    Material:  High pure Alumina
    Flanges Flanges made of 304SS
    Gas valve and pressure gauge on left flange
    Vacuum angle valve with KF25 connector on the right flange
      Two fibrous ceramic blocks are included for blocking heat radiation from inside tube (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating).
    Temperature Controller -Two temperature controllers control the heating zones separately.
    -PID automatic control via SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power control
    -30 programmable segments for precise control of heating rate.
    -Built-in over temperature alarm and protection allows for operation without an attendant.
    -Furnace with R&S485 communications port and software, which can control on the computer
    Power 220V, 50 Hz, single- phase(or according to your requirement) 
    Part II:  4 Channels Mass Flow Meter and Controllers
    Gas Mass Flow Meter
    (touch screen is optional)
    4 precision mass flow meters :
    MFC 1: Gas flow range from 0~100 sccm   
    MFC 2: Gas flow range from 0~500 sccm     
    MFC 3: Gas flow range from 0~500 sccm
    MFC 4: Gas flow range from 0~1000 sccm    
    Please inform us the gas type and measuring range before place order.
    Flowing rate accuracy: ±1% FS
    One gas mixing tank is installed on bottom case with liquid release valve
    4 stainless steel needle valves is installed on left side of bottom case to control 4 type gases mixing manually
    Part III: Vacuum Pump system

    Vacuum Pump System
    Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    Include KF25 Adpater, bellow for vacuum pump and cart with wheel 
    Ultimate vacuum 10-3 Torr. And vacuum inside the tube is around 10-1 Torr.
    Flow rate: 2.2L/S

    Part IV: Water cooling system

    Water chiller
    Water cooling on the flange is mainly for cooling down the o-ring inside the flange to ensure the best-sealed chamber at high temperature:
    Water cooling flanges require >= 10L/M water flow.

    cvd tube furnace


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