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  • Three-temperature zone three-channel mixed gas CVD system


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    Product introduction:
        KJ-T1200-S60K3-3Z type CVD system consists of KJ-T1200 tube furnace + vacuum system + gas supply system, the highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees, three temperature zone control, ultimate vacuum can reach 10Pa, gas supply system It adopts accurate digital display three-way mass flowmeter, and the number of gas mixing paths is 3 ways to mix.
    Main application: The system is widely used in various CVD experiments with a reaction temperature of about 1100°C. It can also be used in many research fields such as vacuum sintering, vacuum atmosphere protective sintering, nanomaterial preparation, battery material preparation and so on.
    Technical Parameters:

    High temperature furnace shell The double-layer shell structure is equipped with an air cooling system, so that the surface temperature of the shell is less than 55℃, and the inner furnace surface is coated with 1750℃ imported alumina coating material to improve reflectivity and furnace cleanliness 
    power 6 KW
    Voltage AC 208-240V single phase, 50/60 Hz 
    Heating element Alloy resistance wire
    Maximum temperature 1200°C
    Continuous working temperature 1100°C
    Heating rate The fastest 20℃/min recommended 10℃/min
    Furnace tube material and size Quartz tube: OD: 60mm x Length: 1000 mm 
    Length of heating zone Three temperature zones: 220+220+220 mm
    Temperature control system PID 30-segment programmable temperature control
    Temperature control accuracy +/- 1 ℃
    Vacuum sealing system Two stainless steel sealing flanges (vacuum gauge and shut-off valve are installed on it)
    Vacuum system 1. VRD-8 rotary vane pump pumping speed 2.2L/S
    2. Ultimate vacuum: 10Pa (including KF25 interface, high vacuum baffle valve and movable cabinet)
    3. Digital display vacuum gauge, real-time display of vacuum, vacuum Display range: 1×105--1×10-1pa
    Mixing system Three-way precision mass flow meter: digital display, automatic control of gas flow.
    MFC1 range: 0~500 sccm (optional)
    MFC2 range: 0~500 sccm (optional)
    MFC3 range: 0~500 sccm (optional)
    Air circuit: 3 channels
    Flow accuracy: 0.2%
    Inlet and outlet ports: 1
    Each gas path of the /4" ferrule has an independent stainless steel needle valve control. The
    gas flow is adjusted by the knob on the control panel.
    After-sales service One year warranty and lifetime warranty (except vulnerable parts)


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