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Three-temperature zone three-channel mixed gas CVD system



This CVD system is composed of KJ-T1200 tube furnace + vacuum system + gas supply system, the highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees, three temperature zone control, the vacuum can be 10Pa, the gas supply system is flow adjustment using mass flowmeter

Product introduction:
    KJ-T1200-S60K3-3Z type CVD system consists of KJ-T1200 tube furnace + vacuum system + gas supply system, the highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees, three temperature zone control, ultimate vacuum can reach 10Pa, gas supply system It adopts accurate digital display three-way mass flowmeter, and the number of gas mixing paths is 3 ways to mix.
Main application: The system is widely used in various CVD experiments with a reaction temperature of about 1100°C. It can also be used in many research fields such as vacuum sintering, vacuum atmosphere protective sintering, nanomaterial preparation, battery material preparation and so on.
Technical Parameters:

High temperature furnace shell The double-layer shell structure is equipped with an air cooling system, so that the surface temperature of the shell is less than 55℃, and the inner furnace surface is coated with 1750℃ imported alumina coating material to improve reflectivity and furnace cleanliness 
power 6 KW
Voltage AC 208-240V single phase, 50/60 Hz 
Heating element Alloy resistance wire
Maximum temperature 1200°C
Continuous working temperature 1100°C
Heating rate The fastest 20℃/min recommended 10℃/min
Furnace tube material and size Quartz tube: OD: 60mm x Length: 1000 mm 
Length of heating zone Three temperature zones: 220+220+220 mm
Temperature control system PID 30-segment programmable temperature control
Temperature control accuracy +/- 1 ℃
Vacuum sealing system Two stainless steel sealing flanges (vacuum gauge and shut-off valve are installed on it)
Vacuum system 1. VRD-8 rotary vane pump pumping speed 2.2L/S
2. Ultimate vacuum: 10Pa (including KF25 interface, high vacuum baffle valve and movable cabinet)
3. Digital display vacuum gauge, real-time display of vacuum, vacuum Display range: 1×105--1×10-1pa
Mixing system Three-way precision mass flow meter: digital display, automatic control of gas flow.
MFC1 range: 0~500 sccm (optional)
MFC2 range: 0~500 sccm (optional)
MFC3 range: 0~500 sccm (optional)
Air circuit: 3 channels
Flow accuracy: 0.2%
Inlet and outlet ports: 1
Each gas path of the /4" ferrule has an independent stainless steel needle valve control. The
gas flow is adjusted by the knob on the control panel.
After-sales service One year warranty and lifetime warranty (except vulnerable parts)


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