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Graphene-Growing CVD System
  • Graphene-Growing CVD System
  • Graphene-Growing CVD System
  • Graphene-Growing CVD System
  • Graphene-Growing CVD System
  • Graphene-Growing CVD System



    KJ-1200-S6014LK1-H CVD System consists of a tube furnace, a three-channel gas-mixing unit with mass flow meters, a vacuum pump unit.

    Range of Application:
        This CVD system is specially designed for graphene growth and also for other CVD experiments which require fast heating and cooling. The hot furnace chamber can be pushed directly to the cold side to fast-heat the samples and also the opposite way for fast cooling.
    Product name Graphene-Growing CVD System
    Model KJ-1200-S6014LK1-H
    Tube Furnace Type Slide-type
      Insulation layer Alumina ceramic fiber
      Max. Temperature 1200℃
      Working Temperature ≤1100℃
      Outside Shell Temperature ≤45℃
      Heating Rate 20℃/min (Suggestion 10℃/min)
      Heating Zone Length 300mm (Single Zone)
      Heating Element 0Cr27Al7Mo2 resistance wire
      Temperature Sensor K-type thermocouple
      Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
      Tube Quartz tube
    Φ50, 60, 80, 100, 150mm available.
      Temperature Controller PID automatic control with 30 programmable segments for precise control
      Sealing Flanges made of 304SS and silicon rubber rings
    Gas valve on left flange
    Vacuum angle valve with KF25 connector on the right flange
    Note: Standard flange, KF flange and hinge flange are available.
      Power Supply Single phase, 220V, 50Hz.
      Power Power 3kW
    Vacuum pump unit Vacuum pump
    (With movable box)
    10pa with a mechanical vacuum pump
    0.001pa with a mechanical vacuum pump and a diffusion vacuum pump.
      Pressure Gauge Inficon Digital Pressure Gauge with high accuracy
    Measurement Range 1×105--1×10-5Pa
    Gas-Mixing Unit with mass flow meters Three precise mass flow meters (0.02% accuracy) are installed to control gas flow rate with touchscreen control for easy operation.
    One gas mixing tank is installed on the bottom case.
    MFC 1: Gas flow range from 0~100 SCCM
    MFC 2: Control range from 0~200 SCCM  
    MFC 3: Control range from 0~500 SCCM
    Gas inlet fitting: four 1/4NPS.
    Gas outlet fitting: four 1/4NPS.
    Power: 185-220VAC 50/60Hz
    4 stainless steel needle valves are installed on the left side to manually control the inlet and outlet of gas.
    Chiller (Optional) Be used to cool the tube and vacuum pump.
    Notes Pressure higher than 1.02Mpa will break the tube.
    Since the pressure in the gas cylinder is high, a converter is necessary. The measurement range of our converter is 0.01mpa-0.1mpa, will ensure a safe gas supply.
    No vacuum condition is allowed when the temperature is higher than 1000℃.
    Please keep the gas flow lower than 200sccm when the temperature is high to lower the impact of cold air to the hot tube.
    If you have to keep the valves on the two ends of the tube closed at the same time, please watch the pressure gauge and open the valves once the pressure is higher than 1.02Mpa to avoid any tube breakage.
    Warranty One year with lifetime technical support.


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