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1200℃ three temperature zone CVD system



KJ1200X-5-III-SF is a CE certified split 5" (O.D) three-zone tube furnace, which can achieve faster heating up to 1200oC and create a different thermal gradient by adjust three zone temperature. The furnace includes all accessories for immediate use. It

Specific Introduction:
    KJ1200X-5-III-SF is a CE certified split 5" (O.D) three-zone tube furnace, which can achieve faster heating up to 1200oC and create a different thermal gradient by adjust three zone temperature. The furnace includes all accessories for immediate use. It is an excellent furnace for annealing, diffusing and sintering sample in various atmospheres.
Furnace structure · Double layer steel case with two cooling fan, which ensures low surface temperature.
· Energy saving high purity fibrous alumina insulation.
·The surface of the inner furnace is coated with a high-temperature alumina coating imported from the United States, which can improve the heating efficiency of the equipment and also extend the service life of the furnace
· One flange is supported by sliding rail to make sample loading /unloading easy, and another seal flange is installed with a digital vacuum gauge.
One Double Steps Rotary Vane High Speed Vacuum Pump (240 L/m) with Oil is included. 
 Voltage & Power · AC 208-240V Single Phase, 50/60 Hz  (40A breaker required).
· Powder cord is included without plug.
7 KW Max.
 Max. Temperature 1200 oC
 Continuous Temperature 1100 oC
Max. Heating Rate <= 20 oC /min
 Tube Size and Flange
  • 125 mm O.D x 120 mm ID. x 1400 mm fused quartz tube included.
  • Vacuum flanges with valves and pressure gauge are included.  Click picture below to see details.
Heating Zone Length Three zones: (900mm, 36" in total) 
· Zone 1: 229mm  (9")
· Zone 2: 457mm  (18.0")
Zone 3: 229 mm (9")
Constant Temp. Zone · If set three zone at same temperature, constant temperature zone is 25" (625 mm) length within +/- 1oC
If using one zone (center zone),  constant temperature zone is 4.3" (110 mm) length within +/- 1oC
 Temperature Controllers · Three Digital Controllers, and each has 30-segement 
Built in protection from over-heated and broken thermo couple
 Temperature Accuracy  +/- 1oC
Heating Element Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Dimension 1080 X 430 x 600mm
Net Weight about 70 kg
Warranty & Certificate One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)
 CE Certificate
Shipping package size after crating 65x45x35" ( x2)
Shipping weight 540 lbs
Mobile Cart & Flow meters Gas mixing controls with three floating meters(range: 0-100 ml/min, 0-160 ml/min, 0-250 ml/min) are installed on one cart that allows three types of gases to operate during heating treatment.( click picture below left to see detail specs)
Two mobile carts are included to allow flange sliding onthe table
Optional:  for precision gas control, you may choose digital mass flow Control system instaed of float-meter at extra cost 

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