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  • 1700℃ Tube Furnace with High Vacuum System MFC Gas Mixer


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    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1700X-HVC is a CE-certified two-channel high-vacuum CVD system. It consists of a two-channel proton mixing system and a high-vacuum unit. Its maximum operating temperature can reach 1600℃, and the ultimate vacuum can reach to 10^ -5 torr. The gas mixing system can accurately mix the two gases and then introduce them into the tube furnace.
    GSL-1700X series tube furnace Casing Double layer steel casing with air cooling.
    Two cooling fans inside to keep case temperature < 55°C.
    High purity Alumina refractory chamber
    Vacuum and gas mixing system are located in the bottom Mobile cart with 4 wheels.
    Vacuum flange, gauge, valves, pipe and high vacuum pump are included for immediate use.
    Processing Tube Material: High Purity Alumina
    One 60mm O.D. processing alumina tube is included with the furnace.
    The furnace can be also custom made to fit the 50mm or 80mm O.D. processing alumina tube at an extra cost, please contact us for more information. 
    Power 6KW
    Rated Voltage AC 208-240V Single phase, 50/60Hz
    Heating Element 8 pcs 1800°C grade MoSi2 heating element
    Working Temp. Max. Heating Temp.: 1650°C
    Continuous Working Temp.: 1600°C
    Heat-up Rate  <=5°C/min
    Heating Zone Length Heating zone length: 457 mm (18")
    Constant Temperature Zone length: 150 mm (6")(+/-1°C)
    Temp. Control PID automatic control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor with 30 steps programmable segments.
    Temperature accuracy:±1°C
    Thermocouple: B type built inside the furnace
    RS485 Communications Port.

    • Advanced Temperature Control (Optional)
    • MTS02-Y Temperature control software kit (for YD518P series controllers) + 15" laptop package is available at the options bar. 
    • You may upgrade the temperature controller to the Temperature Controller which is fully compatible with LabVIEW. This package includes a programmer, a communication cable (RS485 - USB) and a software CD.
    Vacuum Seal One pair of stainless steel vacuum flange with:
    - one mechanical vacuum gauge
    - two needle valves
    - one KF-25 connector  and KF-25 to KF-40 adapter for the high vacuum station.
    - one 1/4" Swagelok tube connector
    Dimension 550 x 380 x 520
    Power 100~110W
    High Vacuum Station Rated Voltage AC 208-240V Single Phase, 50/60Hz
    Dimension 600(L) x 600(W) x 700(H), mm
    Structure Mobile cart size:  600 (L) x 600 (W) x 700(H), mm
    Max. Loading:       600 Lbs on top
    Molecular pump control Panel :   LCD digital
    Inside:   Pfeiffer vacuum pump
    Vacuum sensor is included
    Control Panel One button operation - the diaphragm pump and the turbo molecular pump will start after pressing "start" button.
    System controlled spinning speed - the controller will control the speed of the turbine spinning up and down according to the vacuum level and leaking rate of the reaction chamber.
    Self protection - the system will protect the pump from damage by overheating and over-current if the leaking rate of the reaction chamber is too high to achieve high vacuum.
    LCD screen - double lines parameters checking interface make the working easier to be handled.
    Volume Flow Rate Nitrogen   N2     33 L/s
    Helium      He     39 L/s   (2340L/minute)
    Hydrogen H2   32 L/s
    Working Range From 1000 mbar to <1E-7 mbar
    Ultimate Pressure <1E-8 mbar (without any leaking )
    Structure Made of 316 stainless steel valve
    Gas mixing tank: Φ80X120mm 
    600mm(L) x 745mm(W) x 700mm(H)
    6" color touch screen control panel to make parameter setting at easy.
    Touchscreen Control and PC remote switchable.
    The flow rate control range and number of gas routes are available for customization. Please contact us for detail information.
    Mass Flow Gas Control
    Power 23W per channel
    Rated Voltage  AC 220V/50Hz Single phase
    Gas routes Please select the number of gas routes in the optional bar to update the price
    Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacements at related products page.)

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