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Singapore universities use four-tube tube furnaces

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4 channel tube furnace

Customer background: Singapore universities use four-tube tube furnace system

Product name: Four-channel tube furnace

Product description:
This multi-channel tube furnace has a furnace tube diameter of 100mm, which can be used for high-throughput sintering. The maximum temperature can reach 1200 degrees. Each heating module has an independent temperature control system. Each furnace tube adopts a vacuum-sealed flange It is airtight and can hold 4 samples at the same time for heat treatment at different temperatures under vacuum or atmosphere protection. It occupies a small area and has low energy consumption. It is an ideal product for high-temperature sintering and quality inspection in universities, scientific research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises.

Customer feedback: Customers use the equipment in university laboratories, which can heat four different materials through four channels at the same time, and the gases can be mixed or separated separately. It can have gas protection function, high air tightness and good controllability. Accurate temperature control and excellent processing effect


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