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Box-type atmosphere furnace of xx Chinese Academy of Sciences

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atmosphere furnace

Equipment Name: Box Atmosphere Furnace

Username: XX Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Uses: Used to make solid waste glass and glass-ceramics 

1. The furnace is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber material, which has good thermal insulation performance, durability and high tensile strength, which greatly improves the service life.
2. The silicon molybdenum rods purchased by the heating element are evenly arranged, and the temperature uniformity is good.
3. It can be vacuumed to -0.1MPA, and can be introduced into a variety of inert protective atmospheres to slightly positive pressure.
4. Overpressure automatic pressure relief, improve the safety of the experiment.
5. Intelligent multi-stage program temperature control, high temperature alarm and power off, leakage protection, easy to operate.
6. The touch screen has a friendly and practical interface, which can display and monitor the running status of the equipment, call, edit and store the sintering process, and has the functions of dynamic display, historical data recording and exporting.


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