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Vacuum tube furnace of a material technology company in Shaanxi

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  Equipment Name: Vacuum Tube Furnace

User: A material technology company in Shaanxi

Application: Mainly used for reduction test of iron powder compact. It is used in college laboratories, industrial and mining enterprise laboratories, and in high, medium and low temperature CVD processes, such as the development of carbon nanotubes, coating of crystalline silicon substrates, diffusion welding of metal materials, and heat treatment under vacuum or atmosphere.

★ Safe and anti-scalding: The furnace body adopts a double-layer air-cooled structure. When the furnace burns to the highest temperature, the surface temperature of the shell is low, and the overflow heat is dissipated in time, and safety accidents such as burns are not easy to occur.
★ Energy-saving furnace: The furnace is made of alumina fiber material, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with balanced temperature field and flexible control of temperature rise and fall.
★ Precise temperature control: use K-type thermocouple and AL artificial intelligence regulator 518P temperature controller to automatically control temperature, with high temperature control accuracy.
★ Quartz furnace tube: The furnace tube is made of high-purity quartz, with stainless steel vacuum sealing flanges at both ends, and a stainless steel needle valve to control the gas flow, and a mechanical vacuum pressure gauge to measure the vacuum degree and gas pressure.
★ Vacuum atmosphere: This type of furnace can be evacuated with a matching vacuum pump, and can be filled with high-pressure atmospheres such as nitrogen and argon.

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