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Plasma vapor deposition system and plasma reactor of XX University

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Customer:Plasma vapor deposition system and plasma reactor of XX University


1. Depositing thin films on the surface of powder materials
2. Gas-solid reaction: such as carbon dioxide hydrogenation, chromatographic detection products, such as carbon monoxide, methane, methanol and other products
3. Treatment of metal oxides, combustion reduction

1. Small footprint and powerful functions, integrated heating, radio frequency, precision mass flow meter gas supply, precision gasification, high vacuum system
2. The radio frequency power supply can achieve plasma enhancement, thereby significantly reducing the experimental temperature and reducing the damage to the film caused by high temperature
3. The stress of the film can be controlled according to the power of the RF power supply
4. Use the quartz tube to visually see the plasma luminescence
5. The whole set of equipment can work in a vacuum/atmosphere protection environment
6. The touch screen has a friendly and practical interface, which can display and monitor the running status of the equipment, call, edit and store the sintering process, and has the functions of dynamic display, historical data recording and exporting


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