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  • Three Zones Tube Furnace (4") with Vacuum Pump (1.0E-4 torr) + 9 Channel Digital Gas Flow-meters for


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1200X-4-III is CE certified 4" diameter split three-zone tube furnace with vacuum pump system (up to 10-4 torr) and 9 channel PLC Touch Panel precision digital Mass flow meters Gas Control System, which can control nine types of gases for CVD or diffusion.
    Furnace Structure Double-layer steel casing with air cooling.
    High purity alumina fiberboard liner for energy cost-effective operation.
    Three heating zones with three independent temperature controllers.
    Vacuum and gas mixing system are located in the bottom Mobile cart with 4 wheels.
    Heating Element Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
    Max. Heating Temp. 1200°C
    Continuous Heating Temp. 1100°C
    Max. Heating Rate <=20°C/min
    Heating Zone Length Three zones:   (880mm,  35" in total)
    Zone 1: 220 mm + Zone 2:  440 mm + Zone 3: 220 mm
    Constant Temp. Zone 20" (500 mm) length (three zones at equal temperature within +/- 1°C)
    Tube Size and Materials Fused Quartz Tube
    100 mm O.D x 92 mm ID. x 1400 mm
    Temp. Controller Three programmable precision digital temperature controllers with 30 segments, which control each heating zone separately.
    PID adjustable with auto tune function to ensure temperature stability within  +/ - 1 oC.
    Full protection in each controller for over-temperature and broken thermal couple.
    Thermocouple Three K-type thermocouples
    Power Input AC 208~240V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz, 7KW max.
    Vacuum Fittings
    The Standard vacuum accessories include:
    • Two stainless steel vacuum flanges with KF-25 pump connector, two needle valve and one 1/4" Swagelok tube connector.
    • Six pieces of  high-temperature silicone O-ring for using under 300°C.
    • Two pairs of alumina thermo-blocks are included for protecting flange from heat radiation.
    • One KF-40 vacuum bellows
    • Three KF-40 quick clamps.
    • Two KF-25 quick clamps.
    HV Station
    High Vacuum Station
    Structure Mobile cart size:  600 (L) x 600 (W) x 700(H), mm
    Max. Loading:       600 Lbs on top
    Molecular pump control Panel:   LCD digital
    Inside:   Pfeiffer vacuum pump  
    Vacuum sensor is included
    Vacuum sensor The vacuum sensor has a KF-25 connector.
    High vacuum gauge (measuring range 10^-8 mbar ~ 10^3 mbar)
    Control Panel One button operation - the diaphragm pump and the turbomolecular pump will start after pressing the "start" button.
    System controlled spinning speed - the controller will control the speed of the turbine spinning up and down according to the vacuum level and leaking rate of the reaction chamber.
    Self-protection - the system will protect the pump from damage by overheating and overcurrent if the leaking rate of the reaction chamber is too high to achieve the high vacuum.
    LCD screen - double lines parameters checking interface make the working easier to be handled.
    Volume Flow Rate Nitrogen   N2     33 L/s
    Helium     He     39 L/s   (2340L/minute)
    Hydrogen   H2     32 L/s
    Working Range From 1000 mbar to <1E-7 mbar
    Ultimate Pressure 10^-5 torr (with tube furnace)
    Power Input 110V AC or 220V AC switchable, 50/60Hz
    Power consumption Duration/Max power: 100/110Watt
    MFC Station
    Mass Flow Controller
    9 precision mass flow meters controllers are installed in the bottom mobile cart with the digital display panel of +/-1.5% of Full Scale.
    • Controller 1: 0~100 SCCM
    • Controller 2: 1~199 SCCM
    • Controller 3: 1~199 SCCM
    • Controller 4: 1~499 SCCM
    • Controller 5-9: measuring range can be customized upon request
    Gas Pipe Connect
    • One 1/4“ Swagelok tube connect is installed in the left flange as the gas inlet.
    • Each MFC Station has four 1/4" Swagelok tube connects. And four on/off valves for each gas route. The fifth one is used as the gas outlet.
    • The 1/4" PTFE gas pipe is included in the standard package.
    • [Optional] If a Stainless steel 1/4" gas tube is needed, please contact us to order.
    Shipping Info Dimension Furnace:     550 x 380 x 520mm
    MFC Station: 600 x 600 x 700mm
    HV Station:  600 x 600 x 700mm
    Weight Net weight: 100Kg
    Shipping weight: 350 lb (two pallets)
    Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products page.)

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