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  • Large area CVD graphene growth equipment


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    Range of Application:
        Due to its unique structure and excellent properties, graphene has a very broad application prospect in the fields of physics, chemistry and materials. High quality and large area graphene can be prepared by CVD (chemical vapor deposition), which has been widely used.

    Equipment size Φ300*2800mm
    Tube size Φ300*3000mm
    Max loading 20Kg
    Heating element KTL resistance wire
    Hot zone 3-8 zones optional
    Max temperature Room temperature-1200C continuous adjustable 
    Temperature control Man-machine interface plus PLC control, 10-inch LCD screen control, digital industrial control instrument dual control, industrial intelligent temperature control instrument and software to achieve dual control, PID control
    Paperless record Built-in storage and recording process data, external USB interface, you can connect the computer to copy data with one click
    Structure description ① The equipment can be opened by electric, and cooling system can be automatically controlled. A controlled cooling rate can be achieved.
    ② Equipped with a 2-way high-precision mass flow meter system at the feed end to accurately control the gas flow, which can realize the expansion and adjustment of the production process.
    ③The system adopts automatic technological process and sets the process with one-key operation. Reduce human factors, process reliability can reach 99.9%;
    ④Mechanical pump system: 1pa, additionally equipped with a fine-tuning system to ensure that graphene can be grown under stable negative pressure; a graphene film with a daily output of 200,000 square centimeters can be realized
    Chamber Using internal temperature control and external temperature control to switch between each other to prevent the uneven temperature field caused by quartz refraction and scattering
    Gas system 3-ways mass flow meter
    cvd furnace

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