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  • Seven Zones Belt Furnace Heating Zone


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Specific Introduction:
        KJ-1200X-BF15 is a 15'' wide conveyor belt furnace with the concept of continuouing process of various materials . It is a perfect pilot scale manufacturing tool for thick film, electronic component firing process, photovoltaic cells pre/post-fabrications and sintering of ceramics & metals materials. Working pieces are carried directly on a mesh type belt and been heat treated/process through the heating modules under protective gas atmosphere.  


    Main Features

          · The higest quality heating wire and thermal couple

    · Automatic feed loading and product unloading

    · Large touch screen temperature controller provides individual temperature programming for the seven heating zones

    · Dual thermocouple temperature mornitoring & control mechanism 

    · Easy to install by three moduls

    Furnace structure

    · Total seven heating modules. 

    · High purity fibrous alumina insulating systems between each modules for the max energy saving

    · Dual layer insulation design ensure the a casing surface temperature < 70C

    · 300mm Long cooling section is integrated at the end section of the furnace

    · Mesh type belt is supported in the furnace by a series of quartz supports.


    · AC 208-240V Three Phase, 50/60 Hz,

    · Current: ~50A for each phase.

    · 24 KW  Max. (~3KW for each zone)

    · Powder cord is included without plug.

    Temperature Control

    · 32 Segments Programmable PID Touch Screen Controller allows individual temperature control for the seven zones  

    · Max. Working Temperature: 1100°C  ( short time )

    · Continuous Working Temperature : 1050°C  Max.

    · K Type Thermocouple

    · Temp. Control Accuracy: +/-1℃

    Heating Zone

    · Seven independent heating zones, each heating zone length 300 mm ( 11.8")

    · Total zone length: 2100 mm ( 82.7'' ) 

    · Heating Zone width: 8" ( 200 mm )

     Max. Sample Size allowed

    6'' W x 1'' H

    Conveyor Belt and Main Entrance

    · Mesh type conveyor belt, 130mm Wide X10mm Thick X 6200mm Long

    · 6'' Wide Entrance (Can be increased to 12'' Wide upon request)

    Control Pannel

    · All parameters are controlled via touch screen control panel 


    · Nitrogen gas curtian  is available upon request at extra cost

     Furnace Dimension

    Furnace: 3200mm L X 700mm W X 1500mm H
    Power Supply: 1000mm L X 600mm W X 800mm H


    One year limited warranty for electrical parts. (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, o-rings and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order the replacement at related products below.)


    · CE Certified

    · UL / MET / CSA Certification is available upon request, additional charges will apply

    · Temperature controller is MET and CE Certified


    Manual & Video

    Coming soon...

    Application Notes

    · Metal and ceramic sintering

    · Thick film firing process

    · Fast drying and curing

    · Calcination

    · Carbonization

    · Gas-solid reaction

    · Purification

    · Metalization process of solar cell fabrication

    · Customizations Available: 

    o Heating hearth are modulized, 300mm ~2100mm L is available upon request.

    o Heating zone width can be increased upto 12''

    Belt Furnace Heating ZoneBelt Furnace Heating Zone

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