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  • Box type high temperature furnace with printing function


    Continuous Temp:300℃-600℃

    Chamber/Tube size:350*500*400mm


    Product introduction:
    The small vertical medium temperature resistance furnace used in the laboratory uses the high temperature molybdenum containing resistance wire as the heating element and adopts the four-sided heating mode to ensure the heating uniformity of the furnace. The thermal insulation material adopts the alumina fiber material with good thermal insulation. It is equipped with a printing integrated paperless recorder, which has the functions of setting procedures, storing and printing the temperature control curve. The temperature control system adopts the artificial intelligence regulation technology, It has the functions of PID adjustment and self-tuning, and can program 30 sections of temperature rise and fall, and has the functions of over temperature, break couple, over-current protection, etc.
    Product features:
    1. Appearance design
    The electric furnace adopts the humanized design, beautiful and easy to operate, and the outer layer of paint adopts the high temperature baking technology of plastic spraying. With high temperature, oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistance is better than painting process. The color shall be aging resistant, and the appearance color will not fade due to long use time.
    2. Shell design
    The shell of the electric furnace adopts double-layer forced air cooling structure, which makes the external temperature of the shell close to the room temperature at the highest temperature of the electric furnace and avoids the occurrence of accidental injury.
    3. Furnace material
    It adopts the advanced alumina fiber material in the world, with excellent heat preservation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, no crystallization, no slag dropping, and no need to worry about the pollution of the products. The energy-saving effect is 60-80% of the old electric furnace.
    4. Furnace design
    The furnace body adopts the step type assembly structure, and the furnace door and the furnace door frame adopt the overall design, which effectively ensures that the furnace does not collapse. The close cooperation of the furnace door and the furnace door frame makes the heat energy not easy to lose and increases the service life of the furnace door part.




    Working Chamber Size


    Working temperature


    Heating Element

    High temperature molybdenum resistance wire

    Power Supply

    380 V

    Max. Power



    Door block, Crucible Tong, Gloves, Instruction manual


    CE, ISO.


    Crucible, Screen Control, Software


    1, In order to ensure the longest possible service life of furnace parts, we recommend heating rate no higher than 10℃/min.

    2, This furnace is not air-tight.

    3, It is normal that there will be tiny cracks on the wall of the heating chamber, they wont affect the performance of the furnace, and can be repaired with alumina coating.



    One year warranty with life-time technical support.

    Special notes:

    1, Consumables like heating element, quartz, crucible and so on are uncovered.

    2, Man-made damage and damage caused by misuse are uncovered.


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