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  • High temperature intelligent box furnace


    Continuous Temp:800-900 ℃

    Chamber/Tube size:500*1000*1000mm


    The box type heat treatment furnace takes the high temperature molybdenum containing resistance wire as the heating element and adopts the four-sided heating mode to ensure the heating uniformity of the furnace. The heat preservation material adopts the high temperature fiber module, which has good heat preservation. The temperature is controlled by the program, and the multi-stage program can be set.

    Product characteristics
    1. Furnace design
    The furnace body adopts the step type assembly structure, and the furnace door and the furnace door frame adopt the overall design, which effectively ensures that the furnace top does not collapse. The close cooperation of the furnace door and the furnace door frame makes the heat energy not easy to lose and increases the service life of the furnace door part. The furnace is equipped with a furnace frame, which can realize layered management and placement of materials according to the production needs of users, and the materials can be fully burned.
    2. Temperature control system
    The heating element adopts molybdenum resistance wire and four sides heating. The control system adopts micro-computer artificial intelligence regulation technology. It has PID regulation, full-automatic control, self-tuning function, multi-stage programming, and can compile various heating, heat preservation and cooling programs, with high temperature control accuracy. Integrated module SCR control, phase-shift trigger, protection system: independent over temperature protection, over voltage, over current, leakage, short circuit protection, etc.
    3. Trolley device
    There is a small cart outside the furnace and a material rack inside the cart, which is convenient for taking out and placing the materials after the completion of production. The furnace frame in the furnace is made of 310S high temperature resistant stainless steel, and the placing frame outside the furnace is made of metal materials.

    product name Box heat treatment furnace
    Product number KJ-M800-500LG
    Furnace size 500 × 1000 × 1000 mm (depth * width * height)
    Maximum temperature 900 ℃
    Operating temperature 800 ℃
    Hearth material Fiber module
    Heating element High temperature molybdenum resistance wire
    way to heat up Heating on all sides
    Temperature control method Intelligent 30-segment PID programmable control
    Temperature control protection With over temperature and broken couple protection
    Heating rate 0-10 ℃
    Maximum power 75KW
    Rated voltage 380 V
    Thermocouple model Type K
    Vent With vent on top
    Random Accessories Furnace frame, tray, cart, high temperature gloves, thermocouple, manual, warranty card, etc.
    After-sales service 12 months warranty and lifetime warranty (except wearing parts)
    More specifications can be customized according to customer needs

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