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  • Trolley type resistance furnace


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    The trolley-type resistance furnace is a periodic operation furnace, and the lining is composed of high-strength ultra-light refractory bricks and refractory fibers. Type resistance furnace is a full-fiber trolley furnace, which has fast heating and good heat preservation. Compared with the old RT series furnace, the energy saving is more than 25%. It is mainly used for normalizing and tempering heating treatment of low carbon and high manganese and alloy steel. Special equipment . It is used in conjunction with temperature control and electronic control systems to realize fully automatic control of heating, heating speed and all mechanical actions.
    1. The trolley-type resistance furnace trolley travel and furnace door lift are all electric, and the labor intensity is low;
    2. The large trolley furnace is equipped with electric heating elements on the furnace door and the back wall, and the furnace temperature uniformity is better than the specified value of the international military standard and navigation mark;
    3. The special sealing structure is adopted between the furnace door and the panel, with less heat loss and atmosphere loss, and the furnace gas is stable;
    4. According to the different requirements of users, the circulating fan and air guide system can be added;
    5. The furnace bottom of the large trolley can be driven by low voltage 36v, and the operation is safe and reliable;
    6. According to the user's requirements, the trolley can be made into a flip type;
    7. The power, temperature and specifications of the trolley type resistance furnace can be specially customized according to user requirements
    Trolley type resistance furnace technical parameters
    Model Rated power(KW) Rated voltage(V) Phase Rated temperature(℃) Chamber size MM (L×W×H)
    RT3-65-1200 65 380 3 1200℃ 1100×550×450
    RT3-105-1200 105 380 3 1200℃ 1800×900×600
    RT3-105-1200 105 380 3 1200℃ 1800×900×900
    RT3-105-1200 105 380 3 1200℃ 2000×1000×800
    RT3-180-1200 180 380 3 1200℃ 2600×1200×960
    RT3-320-1200 320 380 3 1200℃ 3600×1500×950
    RT3-80-1200 80 380 3 1200℃ 1100×550×450
    RT3-140-1200 140 380 3 1200℃ 2000×1000×750
    RT3-220-1200 220 380 3 1200℃ 2600×1200×950
    RT3-380-1200 380 380 3 1200℃ 3600×1500×950

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