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  • 1400℃ lift-type Double trolley bell furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Product description:
      KJ-M1400-S1400℃ lift-type Double trolley bell furnace set control system and furnace are designed separately. The furnace lining is made of vacuum-formed high-purity alumina polylight material. The straight silicon carbon rod is used as the heating element; the furnace material is made of high-purity alumina refractory fiber, which has high operating temperature, small heat storage and good thermal insulation performance. Reasonable structure, inner and outer double-layer furnace shell, air-cooled heat dissipation.

    Scope of application:
        KJ-M1400-S1400℃ lift Double trolley bell furnaceis suitable for heat treatment process of metal materials, debinding, pre-firing and firing, quenching and tempering of electronic components, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials and other products. College laboratories, industrial and mining enterprise laboratories, for chemical analysis, physical determination and sintering and melting of metals, ceramics, etc.

    product structure:
        It is mainly composed of heating and heat preservation system, temperature control system, material truck control system, temperature measurement system and air intake and exhaust system.

     1 Heating insulation system
         The heating adopts high-quality silicon carbon rod as the heating element, which has a long service life and is easy to replace and maintain; the furnace material adopts high-quality polycrystalline alumina fiber, which has good thermal insulation performance; the furnace body adopts a double-layer furnace shell and an air-cooled structure. Body surface temperature without burning sensation
     2 temperature control system
        Temperature control adopts PID intelligent program temperature control system, and 30-stage programmable automatic control of heating process; operation adopts Kunlun Tongtai 7-inch touch screen, dynamic display of heating curve, built-in paperless recorder function, heating historical data can be queried, stored, downloaded, Facilitate the refinement of industrial systems
     3 Feeder control system
         The feeding car adopts double feeding car for cyclic charging and feeding operation; the feeding car track is automatically controlled in and out, and the feeding car lift adopts hydraulic pressure to smoothly enter and exit the heating furnace; the bottom of the feeding car is designed with a setter plate furnace bottom, which is convenient for slag cleaning
     4 Temperature measurement system
         Temperature measurement adopts S-type single platinum-rhodium thermocouple for temperature measurement, armored connection, long service life
     5 Intake and exhaust system
         The air intake is controlled by a ball valve, the protective gas enters the furnace through the valve, and the exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust port on the top of the furnace. The exhaust port on the top of the furnace is designed to manually open and close the valve to control the exhaust rate.

    Product parameters:

    Product name

    1400℃ Double trolley bell furnace



    chamber size


    chamber material

    Alumina polycrystalline fiber

    Operating temperature


    Temperature control accuracy


    Maximum power


    temperature uniformity


    Thermocouple S-type single platinum-rhodium thermocouple temperature measurement
    Heating element Professional silicon molybdenum rod
    Temperature Control System PID intelligent temperature control, 30-segment programmable automatic control

    gas control

    External 1.6L/min float flowmeter, valve control air inlet

    control system

    Temperature-controlled 7-inch LCD touch screen control, dynamic display of heating curve

    Data function

    Built-in paperless recorder function, heating data can be queried, stored and downloaded

    Feeder structure Automatic remote operation of electric stroke in and out, automatic remote operation of hydraulic stroke to lift
    Material truck configuration The double-feeder car is cycled and loaded on each side, and the feeder is designed with a setter bottom, which is convenient for cleaning the slag.
    security function Over temperature, broken couple alarm, power off, over current, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation

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