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  • KJ-A1700 Atmosphere Muffle Furnace


    Continuous Temp:

    Chamber/Tube size:


    Brief Introduction:

    Kejia atmosphere muffle furnace is mainly used for the high temperature sintering and annealing of materials under protective gas.
    The main features are as below:
    1. High uniform temperature.
    2.Easy to operate.
    3.Over temperature protection and alarm.
    4.Compact Structure. 

    Technical Parameter:

    Chamber Structure Side Door
    Display LED Display
    Max. Temperature 1700℃ for short time
    Continuous working Temperature ≤1600℃
    Heating Rate Suggestion 0~10℃/min (Max.20℃/min)
    Inside Chamber Size 600*600*600mm (Width * height * depth)
    Heating Element MoSi2
    Thermocouple B Type
    Max. Power 60Kw
    Working Voltage
     AC 380V,3 phases, 50 Hz
    Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
    Heating curves 30 steps programmable
    Chamber material Alumina Fiber
    Gas inlet and outlet Stainless steel gas inlet with needle valve
    Stainless steel gas out let with needle valve and mechanical pressure gauge
    atmosphere furnace 
    Hand Wheel To tight the door for better sealing in chamber.
    Float Flow meter Standard flow range:
    FFC1: 10-100ml/min
    FFC2: 16-160ml/min
    Or according to your requirement.
    Atmosphere Condition like nitrogen , argon Yes
    The furnace max working temperature up to 1500℃if inlet nitrogen
    The furnace max working temperature up to 1600℃ if inlet argon
    Warranty One year warranty (Consumable parts such as heating
    elements are not covered by the warranty)
    Standard Accessories Crucible tong x 1 pair
    Protective glove x 1 pair
    External Dimensions reference 1200*2100*1250mm (width* height*depth) for 600*600*600 inside chamber size.
    Note:  if the external dimensions  is too big for you , we could design and produce the furnace part and control parts separately, please check the last picture on last page as reference)


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