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  • High temperature atmosphere furnace


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    Product introduction:
        This equipment is widely used in the heat treatment of cemented carbide, ceramics, powder metallurgy and other materials in rough vacuum state, reducing atmosphere and protective atmosphere. In addition, it is equipped with a touch screen control system independently developed by our company to improve work efficiency. The furnace can be customized according to the actual needs of users.
    Product parameters:

    product name High temperature atmosphere furnace
    Product number KJ-A1400-12LZ
    Furnace size 300x200x200mm (L*W*H)
    Operating temperature ≥1300℃
    maximum temperature 1400℃
    Temperature control method Intelligent 30-segment PID programmable control
    Furnace material Alumina polycrystalline fiber
    Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature control protection With over temperature protection function
    heating rate 0-20℃/min, 10℃/min recommended
    Heating element Silicon carbide rod
    Operating Voltage AC 220V
    heating power 6KW
    temperature test element Type S thermocouple
    How to open the door side opening
    sealing system
    The furnace door and furnace top are sealed with high-temperature silicone rubber, the double-layer shell is air-cooled, and the furnace has an air inlet and an air outlet, which can be vented with argon, nitrogen and other gases
    Vacuum system (optional) The vacuum system is composed of rotary vane vacuum pump, valve and pipeline, which can realize vacuum pumping, vacuum degree -0.1Mpa
    safety equipment The furnace is equipped with a safety valve. When the pressure in the furnace is too high, the safety valve starts to automatically deflate, which is safe and reliable.
    Provide related accessories Crucible tongs, high temperature gloves, thermocouples, warranty cards, door plugs, manuals, etc.
    After-sales service 12 months warranty, wearing parts such as heating elements are not covered by the warranty

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